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Harry Weisburd Meets Beat Poets
Artist Harry Weisburd, (right ) meets with Beat Poets , including Eileen Kaufman, woman in black hat, wife of NEA grant winner 1975, Beat Poet, Bob Kaufmsn. Blonde woman, Alix, philanthropist. Alix is Canadian and inherited $$$$$Millions of Dollars from her Canadian oilman father . Alix gave it all away , supported poets and artists in the North Be...
[Harry Weisburd] - [Saturday 3rd, February 2018]

Metamorphosis: Oppositions and Evolutions
Agora Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of Metamorphosis: Oppositions and Evolutions , a group exhibition featuring the works of Osvaldo Bacman, Ed Belbruno, Laura Colantonio, Josep Francés Anaya, Andrew Glass, Monika Gloviczki, Donato Grima, Theresia Innerhofer, Martin Randall Joyce, John Kingerlee, Malvisi, Vicente Marzal, Koki Morimoto,...
[Agora Gallery] - [Wednesday 1st, November 2017]

Lifetime Achievement Award to Harry Weisburd
Lifetime Achievement Award to Harry Weisburd Requirements: 20 years or more of successful professional activity in a specialty -Fine Art .
[Harry Weisburd] - [Sunday 6th, August 2017]

Pyramid Underground Louvre Museum See Me Group Exhibition
Pyramid Underground Louvre Museum, "See Me" group exhibition . Member Harry Weisburd exhibited with group.
[Harry Weisburd ] - [Friday 28th, July 2017]

Harry Weisburd Featured Artist Musetouch Magazine, Issue # 3
Harry Weisburd Featured Artist, Musetouch Magazine, Issue #3
[Harry Weisburd] - [Thursday 27th, July 2017]

Harry Weisburd , Lifetime Achievement Award
Harry Weisburd, awarded Lifetime Achievement award, 2017, by Who's Who In America . Listed 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013. REQUIREMENT: 20 years or more, successful professional activities, in a specialty(Art).
[Harry Weisburd] - [Wednesday 1st, February 2017]

Marco Wilme’s paintings
Marco Wilme is very talented Italian artist, born in Galliate (Novara) on May 11, 1979. His paintings are unique and really recognizable. He manages to combine the colors softly and smoothly, forming a beautiful and light forms. In his works are often dominated a single color, interspersed with another one or several colors. If you want to decorate...
[Marco Wilme’s paintings] - [Friday 18th, March 2016]

Our Challenged Planet
[Harry Weisburd] - [Tuesday 16th, February 2016]

Thierry Ferrand on ArtsCad
Thierry Ferrand is a self-taught artists who devoted 22 years of his life to music, and only then opened his talent for painting. The media he uses is acrylic, but sometimes he experiments with cotton or linen. Thierry’s inspiration for painting were provoked by great public response at local exhibitions. It gave him desire to paint after a long st...
[Juliya] - [Wednesday 29th, July 2015]

Rosi Garita
Rosi Garita was born in Costa Rica and since 1987 she was living in Canada. She is both an artist and a published poet. Rosi Garita’s paintings look like extremely stylized portraits of women. Each figure is richly colored and romantically posed, like the subjects of Gustav Klimt. If you look closer you’ll find that the women’s bodies are actually ...
[Juliya] - [Friday 10th, July 2015]

Donne in Jazz
Donne in Jazz a cura di Giorgia Cassini 6 dicembre 2014 - 6 gennaio 2015 Spazio espositivo “Vinceremo” Piazzale F.T.Marinetti Albisola Capo ALBISOLA CAPO - Si aprirà il prossimo 6 dicembre la personale d’arte contemporanea “Donne in Jazz” del maestro ceramista savonese Gian Genta presso lo spazio espositivo “Vinceremo” nella piazza ex stazione fron...
[gian genta] - [Saturday 15th, November 2014]

donne e civette maledetta passione
Personale di Gian Genta a Palazzo ottolenghi di Asti organizzata dall'Assessorato alla cultura dal 3 settembre al 21 settembre 2014
[gian genta] - [Sunday 17th, August 2014]

Stained Glass Art Design by Toni Rose
“Art is essentially the affirmation, the blessing, and the deification of existence.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche Art is versatile and every its style is unique way of artistic thinking. Impossible not to admire Stained Glass Art Design by Toni Rose. All his artworks are worth a thousand words. Delicate, bright and extremely beautiful. Just imagine a ref...
[Marina - ArtsCad Manager] - [Tuesday 24th, December 2013]

World of Art by Pellegrino Leda
“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” It is difficult disagree with famous Pablo Picasso ’s saying. It is true, Art helps us to skip out from everyday routine into magic and beautiful world. But it is difficult to imagine this world without the creators, artists, who give the opportunity to ordinary people to feel all the power...
[MarinaArtsCard] - [Monday 4th, November 2013]

Masakatsu Sashie´s Death Stars
So far civilization floats carelessly, creating not only history of creation, but history of destruction too. It compresses itself with overpopulation and pollution, while staying away from realizing how far it puts itself from reality. New TV, new phone or new washing machine&hellip they seem to be so harmless and friendly. Someone can say these t...
[Thursday 24th, October 2013]

11-Acre Portrait of Anonymous Girl
11-acre portrait was created by Cuban-American artist whose name is Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada. He created a big face of an anonymous girl with the use of Topcon GPS technology and 30,000 stakes. Many volunteers helped to place 8 million pounds of sand, soil and rock to complete this huge portrait so now you can see it in Belfast’s Titanic Qurter. The ...
[ArtsCad] - [Thursday 24th, October 2013]

Beautfiul Installation From China
What can you make from more than 8 thousands litres of water, 1500 goldfish and 29 LEDs&hellip ? Oh yes, a perfect installation of life in a modern city of China. It’s exactly what Lu Yang and Lindle Bukor created under their collaboration. The aim of the installation is simple and underlies the beauty of artists’ imagination. Fish Pond City model ...
[Thursday 24th, October 2013]

Call for Artists – Botanical & Floral Online Art Competition
Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery announces an art call for entries for the gallery’s 3rd Annual “Botanicals” online art competition for the month of July 2013. The gallery would like for all 2D artists (including photography) to send us their best interpretation of the theme “Botanicals” by submitting their best botanical and floral art for in...
[John R Math] - [Saturday 22nd, June 2013]

Summer Sensation at Agora Gallery
Arti Bhola Goulatia-Draped In Silk Agora Gallery, NYC has a summer treat for art lovers, with two wonderful exhibitions that will leave visitors feeling refreshed and ready to appreciate the world around them. Interpretive Realms features art that represents the physical expression of the sensitivity, ingenuity and integrity of talented artists who...
[Joyce] - [Sunday 2nd, June 2013]

3rd Annual Figurative Art Exhibition Now Online Ready to View
3rd Annual Figurative Art Exhibition Now Online Ready to View Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is pleased to announce that its June 2013 art exhibition is now posted on their website and is ready to view online. The theme for this art exhibition is “Figurative” and artists were asked to submit their best figurative art. Figurative subjects inc...
[John R Math] - [Saturday 1st, June 2013]

[hermel orozco] - [Spanish] - [Monday 28th, August 2006]

special event: Lorenzo Chinnici & David Kent - Milan & London
The Synergy of Sons Lorenzo Chinnici & David Kent Lorenzo Chinnici and David Kent : two artists, two nations, two parallel worlds, meet again after forty years in Milan and London and create the project "The Synergy of Sons." "The Synergy of Sons " is the title of the project born from the passion of two sons of art that, after a random meeting tha...
[FRANCESCO] - [SPAM] - [Friday 11th, September 2015]

History of Chilean Mining Mural
INAUGURADO EN LA UNIVERSIDAD DE CONCEPCION: Magnífico mural de la historia minera -La obra, creada por el artista Alexander Sutulov, se emplaza en el edificio de Ingeniería Metalúrgica de esa casa universitaria . Los 4.00 años de nuestra historia min...
[Alexander Sutulov] - [Other] - [Monday 28th, November 2005]

Call for Artists - Toronto, Canada
Painting, Mixed-Media and Sculpture. Any subject matter. Artist may exhibit up to three pieces of work. All jury fees will go directly to Greenpeace Canada. Artists keep any proceeds for work they sell during the show. For submission forms please ema...
[Ian] - [Other] - [Saturday 23rd, July 2005]

Free Art Gallery - Unlimited number of Artists and Artworks is offering free Art Galleries Unlimited number of Artists and Artworks Exemple: @/ @X PGallery Register now Contact us by email : contact @ tableauxenligne . com (remove spaces)
[AllArtOnLine] - [Other] - [Wednesday 1st, September 2004]

ARTROM Gallery Art Competitions
ARTROM Gallery Art Competitions ARTROM Gallery Rome, Italy sponsors a continuous calendar of international juried art Competitions for artists and art students world-wide. Each Competition concludes with a month-l...
[David Genovesi] - [Other] - [Tuesday 1st, March 2005]

Lynn Gaubatz to Perform World Première in Austria
CONTACT: John Feather tel. - 703-228-0892 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (11/ 11/ 04) Spend This Thanksgiving In A Crypt With Lynn Gaubatz FALLS CHURCH, Virginia -- Each year at Thanksgiving American Lynn Gaubatz goes down into the crypt a...
[Lynn Gaubatz] - [Other] - [Tuesday 16th, November 2004]

Romantic Realism By Marvin Steel
Romantic Realism By Marvin Steel Painting Studio and Gallery open everyday Featuring paintings with imaginative themes, painted in the technique of the old masters. Marvin Steel paints for himself and refuses to paint stereotype themes because of the...
[Marvin Steel] - [Other] - [Sunday 7th, November 2004]

Press Release - Isa Zapata Visual Artist, Talent & Creativity
Press Release- Isa Zapata Visual Artist This young Colombian woman, in addition to her beauty and sympathy, shines even brighter when we talk about her talent. Isa changed children’s games for painting classes, which she started when she was only 8...
[Isa Zapata] - [Other] - [Friday 2nd, July 2004]

Internet site for Art galleries (free)
This part's easy - click the sign up button that's best for you and you are just steps away from having a gallery! Start building your gallery
[T.E.L.] - [Other] - [Tuesday 1st, June 2004]

Market Your Art with an Online Portfolio
Market Your Art with an Online Portfolio: We offer online portfolios for all artists to actively promote their work. Our goal is to provide artists with real international exposure and valuable marketing tools. We receive millions of page views eve...
[T.E.L.] - [Other] - [Saturday 1st, May 2004]

Kultur Börse : The BluesPainter Lositheed
the BluesPainter Lositheed am 14 Mai 2004 auf der 1. Kultur Börse des Rhein Lahn Kreises Beginn: 14 Mai 17:00 UHR Veranstaltungsort: Kreisverwaltung Rhein - Lahn Telf. 02603 972-177 see you soon
[Lositheed] - [Other] - [Wednesday 14th, April 2004]

Watercolour Fairies -LorAnge
A new art instruction book by author David Riché featuring paintings by LorAnge and about 30 more of of the world's leading fairy/ fantasy artists will be coming out early this summer, the book will be published worldwide.
[Other] - [Saturday 20th, March 2004]

Talleres de Creación Artística Digital
Mérida (Venezuela): Centro de Investigación para la Creación Artística Digital (CICAD). Iván Darío Hernández. Artista Plástico / Talleres de Dibujo Arte Digital.- 02 febrero de 2004 Tel: 0274-252 5010
[Iván Hernández] - [Other] - [Tuesday 20th, January 2004]

We wishes that this new year 2004 be rich in colors..
We wishes that this new year 2004 be rich in colors so beneficial for the physical and mental balance of everyone. We wishes that new year 2004 brings to each one: health, love and peace.
[Josèphe et Jean ] - [Other] - [Wednesday 31st, December 2003]

Christmas Wishes

[Other] - [Thursday 25th, December 2003]


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[Thursday 24th, October 2013]

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[Thursday 24th, October 2013]

new exhibition in Old Jaffa ,Hamigdalor gallery --1.09.12-16.09.12
new exhibition-Old Jaffo gallery Hamigdalor
[Shuly Haimsohn Weiner] - [Wednesday 15th, August 2012]

World’s Youngest Professional Artist Aelita Andre Returns to New York
In ‘Aelita Andre: Secret Universe / a solo exhibition’ Aelita conveys her message through a bright, bursting palette and energetic splashes and dashes of paint. She works in acrylic, with occasional added objects such as toys like plastic dinosaurs, butterflies and penguins, and various other items, including even a microscope. Aelita creates swirl...
[Nellie Scott] - [Sunday 13th, May 2012]

A Special Reception and Pōwhiri
Flagstaff Gallery, which is known for playing a key role in revitalizing the art scene in its nativeAuckland, has brought the wonderfully diverse art of some ofNew Zealand's most talented artists to NYC in the exhibition Made inNew Zealand. The exhibition opens on April 24, 2012 and runs through May 15, 2012. Please join us for a special reception ...
[Joyce] - [Monday 23rd, April 2012]

[DENNIS A. DEZMAIN] - [Saturday 11th, February 2012]

Fantastic February Exhibitions at Agora Gallery
Infuse the short winter days with energy and warmth by visiting the exhibitions at Agora Gallery this February. The Substance of Abstraction explores the variety and mystery of the world, diving into the essence of form and shape that make up our lived experience of reality. Intriguing, intelligent and full of fascinating detail and insight, these ...
[Joyce] - [Thursday 5th, January 2012]

Aramu Giuseppe-Lizi Paragano, Mostra d'Arte a Fiuggi 09/25 ottobre 2011
Continua il sodalizio artisco di Giuseppe Aramu con Lizi Paragano. Partecipano alla Mostra d' Arte Contemporanea di Fiuggi con altri validi artisti. Dopo la mostra di Roma presentano dieci opere che contraddistinguono il loro cammino artistico, dal figurativo alla simbologia onirica, il surreale come strumento di comunicazione interiore, il trascen...
[Demuro] - [Sunday 9th, October 2011]

All You Need Is Love exhibition Expressions Gallery
Harry Weisburd is exhibiting 4 paintings, "All You Need Is Love' exhibition, Expressions Gallery, Berkeley, Californa, January 15 --March 25, 2011,Gallery hours Wednesday- Saturday, Noon-5 PM Website:
[Harry Weisburd] - [Thursday 24th, March 2011]

Colores del Corazón: Marcela Cadena / a Solo Exhibition
NEW YORK, NY - This March, experience Colores del Corazón, a solo exhibition displaying the works of Marcela Cadena at Agora Gallery. Mexican artist Marcela Cadena delves into her rich cultural heritage to produce dazzling works of art full of robust colors and enthralling emotions. To appreciate one of her pieces is to interact with the artist her...
[Lee Eagle] - [Tuesday 1st, March 2011]

A Group Exhibition at Agora Gallery
Agora Gallery is pleased to present an all new group show. Scheduled to run from October 29, 2010 through November 19, 2010, the exhibition will feature a captivating selection of original works from emerging and established artists. Working with different technologies, and focusing on varying subject matter varying, the remarkable photographers in...
[Lee Eagle] - [Monday 4th, October 2010]

Están cordialmente invitados el próximo martes 19 de Mayo a las 7:00 p.m., en la GALERIA MARIO HERNANDEZ PRADA de la ciudad de Bucaramanga Santander Colombia a la inauguración de la exposición:   “CONFRONTACION PICTORICA”   ARTISTAS PARTICIPANTES:   ...
[FERNANDO RODRIGUEZ ROJAS] - [Saturday 16th, May 2009]

Marche Centro d'Arte: Sabrina Muzi
Domenica 29 marzo alle 18.00 la Galleria Marconi di Cupra Marittima presenta la personale di Sabrina Muzi a cura di Claudio Libero Pisano, dopo il successo dell&rsquo esposizione di Marco Bernacchia e Francesca Gentili. La mostra conclude il ciclo Ma...
[dario ciferri] - [Wednesday 25th, March 2009]

"Will I Ever Make a Living With My Art?"
My name is Steve Popkin and I’m a glass artist. I have been working with glass for many years. More than likely you've never heard of me nor seen any of my work and that's OK. Probably much like you,  I have always loved creating art. My dream as a c...
[Steve Popkin] - [Tuesday 3rd, February 2009]

Man at the pub
Refer previous announcement  on Impressionism at the Benjamin Gallery.-Picture added. Refer previous announcement  on Impressionism at the Benjamin Gallery.-Picture added.
[Benjamin Gallery] - [Saturday 23rd, August 2008]

The 2008 Chelsea International Fine Art Competition
The 2008 Chelsea International Fine Art Exhibition features an incredible collection of artistic talent from around the globe. Working with photography, painting, sculpture, digital and installation art, these artists fashion their visions in the mod...
[Amanda] - [Monday 4th, August 2008]

Zezhong Gallery, Beijing, Harry Weisburd Exhibit and Represented
Zezhong Gallery, Beijing, China, exhibiting and representing American Artist, Harry Weisburd. Mr. Weisburd is exhibiting Figurative and Landscape paintings in Watercolor and Acrylics. Zezhong Gallery is located at Zezhong Culture Development Co., Ltd...
[Harry Weisburd] - [Wednesday 18th, June 2008]

Dancing for JOY
DANCING FOR JOY EXPRESSIONS GALLERY, 2035 Ashby Avenue at Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, Ca. 94705 USA Presents a group art exhibit with world wide artists in the San Francisco bay area. Exhibit includes: Paintings, Sculpture, Prints, Jewelry and Hand Ma...
[HARRY WEISBURD] - [Monday 7th, April 2008]

Exposição de Pintura na Galeria Matos Ferreira-Bairro Alto
[fatima barba] - [Sunday 27th, January 2008]

Rassegna d'arte contemporanea
Galleria Crispi di Gallia Kroumova Trulli presenta Sala Agostiniana in S. Maria del Popolo – Piazza del Popolo – Roma dal 23 al 30 ottobre 2007 Rassegna Internazionale d’Arte Contemporanea Pittura, scultura, fotografia, arte digitale. a cura di: Francesco Giulio Farachi Gallia Kroumova Trulli presentazione di: Francesco Giulio Farachi – critico d’a...
[antonietta campilongo] - [Wednesday 10th, October 2007]

Artiste L'AngdonArt 2007 next 2 exhibitions
L'AngdonArt's next 2 exhibitions will be in Canada: from September 11th to the 24th 2007 at La Galerie Le 1040, at 1040 Marie-Anne Est Street, in Montreal form October 1st to October 14th at L'espace contemporain, at 313 rue St-Jean (facing Sutherland Strret bear Turnbull corner), Quebec City, Quebec bienvenue, yes welcome!!
[Artiste L'AngdonArt ] - [Monday 3rd, September 2007]

Genere: Arte contemporanea collettiva - pittura-scultura-fotografia-pef ormance Titolo: L'altro/ Io Periodo: dal 10 al 31 marzo 2007 Sede: Domus Sessoriana Contemporary Art Gallery Indirizzo: Piazza Santa Croce in Gerusalemme 10 Città: Roma Inaugurazi...
[Antonietta Campilongo] - [Friday 9th, March 2007]

Anchorage Throws Reception For The Nomadic Project
On Friday, August 25th Anchorage's Virtu Gallery celebrated the arrival of The Nomadic Project in Alaska. Guests enjoyed fine art, fine dining and fine music during the three hour reception. Creators of The Nomadic Project, Kristin Abraham and Alfons...
[Kristin Abraham] - [Thursday 7th, September 2006]

Nathaniel Brown will appear at The Founders Inn 5641 Indian River . Virginia Beach, Virginia. 23464.{10/ 21/ 2006} tickets are $ 5.00 at the door. will display over 50 Pastel paintings, to inspire, and encourage pastel painters from all over the world ...
[Nathaniel Brown ] - [Tuesday 8th, August 2006]

Meet Pim ala Pim
COMING SOON! Pim ala Pim Picture Scroll Book for the childlike "Not everyone sees"
[Pamela Jo Benet] - [Tuesday 6th, June 2006]

Places and Non-Places of Contemporary Art
Places and Non-Places of Contemporary Art In what forms and in what places are artistic practices deployed today? No longer confined to the triad studio-gallery-museum, artists are creating alternatives to the institutionalization of art, by investin...
[Esse Edition] - [Monday 23rd, January 2006]

Original Abstract Figurative Paintings
Sie koennen auch eigene meine kleine zeitgenoessische gemaelde bei kaufen: Martina- Art-Original-Paintings Inoltre ho alcune aste su dove potete comprare le mie piccole pitture acriliche - stores.ebay.c...
[Friday 29th, April 2005]

Start your free weblog now !
You want to set up your weblog for free ? We will set up your website with all or some of the following options : Categories Word search Visitors can submit entries for review Display of referers and recents googles Current month calendar Archives by...
[] - [Wednesday 29th, September 2004]

Set up your own directory for free
Set up your own directory for free We will set up your website with all or some of the following options : Categories Word search Visitors can submit entries for review Display of referers and recents googles Entries deletion and update Image process...
[] - [Wednesday 29th, September 2004]

Grand Opening, Gallery 245
July 21, 2006 The opening of Gallery 245, in Eugene, Oregon, USA, featuring the work of Colleen Patricia and other great artists. 245 Blair Blvd., Eugene, Oregon, USA Music, wine, and fantastic art!
[Colleen Patricia Williams] - [News] - [Saturday 22nd, July 2006]

The Nomadic Project Reaches Halfway Point!
It has been seven months since painter, Kristin Abraham and musician, Alfonso Llamas set out on a quest to connect the United States through art! Working on their conceptual art project titled The Nomadic Project, the two artists have camped out of t...
[Kristin Abraham] - [News] - [Monday 17th, July 2006]

Winning of admittance
Sergey Ignatenko, a Gomel, Belarus resident, has won admittance into the Acrylic/ Oil Division of the prestigious American Juried Art Salon's 2006 Spring/ Summer show. The title of the winning work is "Mother With Little Daughter." Top college and univ...
[News release] - [News] - [Monday 1st, May 2006]

Denver's Hot Art Scene Welcomes The Nomadic Project
Lookout Santa Fe, Chicago and even New York, here comes Denver! The Denver art scene is thriving and shows no sign of slowing down. "The city itself is in the midst of a cultural surge with the opening of a major Denver Art Museum expansion in the fa...
[Kristin Abraham] - [News] - [Friday 19th, May 2006]

Alexander Presniakov latest Masterpieces
World renown Classical painter/ artist Alexander Presniakov has made available his latest masterpiece. An Epic painting of renaissance proportions entitled: "Julius Caesar receiving his troops after battle" 66"x 126"(inches),166.64x 421.64(centimeters...
[Alexander Presniakov] - [News] - [Thursday 18th, May 2006]

Leben mit Ersatzteilen
Leben mit Ersatzteilen Eine Ausstellung des Deutschen Museums in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Berliner Medizinhistorischen Museum der Charité vom 1.06.2006 – 25.02.2007 gefördert vom Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung Einladung zur Pressekonferenz...
[tinoschmidt] - [News] - [Thursday 1st, June 2006]

Lunedì 1° maggio 2006 un'opera di Mimmo Paladino di medie dimensioni è stata trafugata dalla Galleria Astuni di Pietrasanta Si tratta di un lavoro del 1997 "Senza titolo", olio su tavola in cornice di rame, cm. 41,3x31,1 L'opera è visibile sul sito d...
[Enrico Astuni] - [News] - [Saturday 6th, May 2006]

The Nomadic Project Stranded In Tucson!
The Nomadic Project has been temporarily stopped in its tracks. While passing through Tuscon, on a gloomy Sunday afternoon, the Element was plowed into by a 2005 gray Kia. In the driver's seat was a young man on his way to work at Peter Piper's Pizza...
[Kristin Abraham] - [News] - [Wednesday 22nd, March 2006]

Santa Fe Participates in The Nomadic Project
The Nomadic Project continues to unite the country through art. New Mexico joins twelve other states in a conceptual art project designed by Kristin Abraham and Alfonso Llamas. Crossroads Contemporary proudly exhibits, the Oklahoma-inspired painting,...
[Kristin Abraham] - [News] - [Wednesday 22nd, March 2006]

The Nomadic Project
  PRESS RELEASE The Nomadic Project   On  November 13 th , 2005, Kristin Abraham, along with her husband Alfonso Llamas set out on a yearlong journey across America, spending a week in each of the lower 48 states, living out of their Honda Element SU...
[Kristin Abraham] - [News] - [Monday 13th, February 2006]

Art at the Service of Human Achievement
History of Chilean Mining Mural Art at the service of human achievement Recently inaugurated History of Chilean Mining digital mural at the University of Concepción is an assertive discourse for the mining sector. Long has been the notion to translat...
[Alexander Sutulov] - [News] - [Tuesday 29th, November 2005]

Artist Stephen Mead Storefront Is Now Open
Hello. This is the artist/ writer Stephen Mead writing to you from northeastern NY. I just wanted to let anyone interested know that in addition to my resume/ exhibition/ links and art samples still being available at Absolute Arts, I have now opened an...
[Stephen Mead] - [News] - [Thursday 27th, October 2005]

Fine Artist Joins Local Shops to Benefit Fort Myers Leukemia & Lymphoma Soc...
img src=' Exit% 20136.jpg ' P S aturday, October 8th, from 4-7 p.m., a silent auction will be held to benefit the Fort Myers Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The auction will take place at Tonic Hair Salon celebrating the open...
[Kristin Abraham] - [News] - [Thursday 6th, October 2005]

Fifth International Biennial of Contemporary ArtFifth International Biennia...
Valeriy Mavlo has been selected to take part in the Fifth International Biennial of Contemporary Art, which is due to take place from 3 December to 11 December 2005 in the exhibition space of the Fortezza da Basso in Florence, Italy.
[Valeriy Mavlo] - [News] - [Monday 19th, September 2005]

have to see my paintings
Greetings from Nepal! Recently got this website and i want people to see my paintings. Coz i am from a poor country I dont have any major exhibitions comming up. Being a Tibetan but sad enough i am living in Nepal. Please do write comments on my pain...
[Tenzxy TRT] - [News] - [Saturday 27th, August 2005]

New Series - "Inhibitions"
Artist's Commentary The "Inhibitions" series is based entirely on feelings of vulnerability and emotional confinement. The female figure humanizes the painting, while her nudity symbolizes vulnerability. The coloring of the figure contributes to the ...
[Kristin Abraham] - [News] - [Tuesday 26th, July 2005]

artist looking for a dealer
Ivan de Monbrison, painter and sculptor, living in Paris, looking for an agent, dealer or art gallery to promote his work. website: blackowl e-mail:
[Ivan de Monbrison] - [News] - [Monday 11th, July 2005]

Communauté artistique francophone en ligne!
Une nouvelle communauté artistique essentiellement francophone a été créée pour accueillir tous les artistes, modèles et amateurs d'art qui désirent: . échanger idées et information . présenter leurs travaux pour commentaires . annoncer leurs activit...
[Diane Caron] - [News] - [Monday 18th, April 2005]

The Dream People April/May 2005: Art by Keith Wigdor
The new issue of The Dream People is now online at, featuring the art of the surrealist, Keith Wigdor. This is the new April/ May 2005 issue, "Mutating Angels" which is now live online!
[Keith Wigdor] - [News] - [Saturday 2nd, April 2005]

New book in French: "Communiquer par l'images"
JUST PUBLISHED New book on how to communicate through pictures in French "Communiquer par l'images" by French author Alain Joannes, Paris It was presented at "Salon du Livre" in Paris, France on 10 March 2005. Chapter about Asbjorn Lonvig (presented ...
[Asbjorn Lonvig] - [News] - [Sunday 27th, March 2005]

Asbjorn Lonvig articles published by FullDigitalArt in Paris, France
Articles published at FullDigitalArt My art articles - artblogs - were published at WWAR Art News in USA , then they were published at ADN Network in World ArtNews in Japan and now you can read them at FullDigitalArt in Paris: "Colorful News.." "Inte...
[Asbjorn Lonvig] - [News] - [Friday 25th, March 2005]

Isa Zapata, artist in residense Miami Children's Museum
PRESS RELEASE- ISA ZAPATA (ARTIST) Last February 28 th , the Miami Children’s Museum named its new resident artist. On this occasion, the fortunate one was the young Colombian Artist, Isa Zapata. She has been involved with the Museum since its inaugu...
[Public Relations] - [News] - [Tuesday 8th, March 2005]

Live Models Ateliers and Art Classes
Ateliers de modèles vivants à l'Atelier d'Art du 1660, rue St-Denis à Montréal, 4 fois par semaine. Pour information: (514) 836-4301 ou email au Bienvenue à tous les artistes! Également, cours privés et semi-privés (3 élèves) de...
[Diane Caron] - [News] - [Wednesday 2nd, February 2005]

Concurso Internacional MundoArte 05 - Miami USA
Concurso Internacional Mundo Arte 05 Miami - USA 4 de Febrero al 5 de Marzo, Galeria Hatman de Coral Gable Pequeño formato. maximo tamaño carta o A4. Tema libre pedir bases a -
[Susana Weingast] - [News] - [Monday 29th, November 2004]

Pier Domenico Magri
Galleria Crispi di Gallia Kroumova Trulli – Via Francesco Crispi, 32/ a – Roma presenta dal 23 settembre al 19 ottobre 2006 Pier Domenico Magri Personale di pittura a cura di Gallia Kroumova Trulli apparato critico in catalogo a cura del Prof. Fortuna...
[Antonietta Campilongo] - [Italian] - [Friday 15th, September 2006]

Incontriamo le emozioni
Antonietta Camplongo- "Forse lo farà"-olio su tela titolo : Incontriamo le emozioni periodo : dal 20 al 22 settembre 2006 dove : Palazzo Medici Clarelli , 79 città : Roma Patrocinio : Regione Lazio, Comune di Roma Munici pio I Roma Centro e Munici pi...
[Antonietta Campilongo] - [Italian] - [Monday 11th, September 2006]

HUN GALLERY INTERNATIONAL 2006 Juried Fine Art Exhibition sponsored by Hun Gallery in midtown Manhattan in the heart of a rich multicutural environment. ELIGIBILITY Open to all artists, national and international, over the age of 18, working in Fine ...
[Call for Aritsts: HUN GALLERY INTERNATIONAL 2006] - [Invitation] - [Friday 17th, November 2006]