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LOST LOVE SPELLS CASTER IN UK, Bath,Birmingham Bradford Brighton Liverpool Luton MAMA JAFALI
God/ Allah gifted lost Lover Spells Caster to reunite you with your ex within a short period of time with too much love and respect than before. Many people still question whether love spells work or not, permanent or effective? This can be based from past experiences where they tried some spell casters but not fully satisfied with their results or ...
[Mamajafali] - [Art Gallery] - [Friday 9th, February 2018]

картина "Огюст Роден"
Картина "ОГЮСТ РОДЕН" принята для экспозиции на Всемирной Художественной выставке в Риме, октябрь 2017 года. :)
[Валерий Пастель] - [Art Gallery] - [Friday 22nd, September 2017]

No1lost love spells black magic sangoma, Settle Relationship, Magic Ring +27603821582
No1lost love spells black magic sangoma, Settle Relationship, Magic Ring +27603821582 Pay after work is done Call Baaba Dunga and Mama Zai for the first results and change your life today Am empowered with the most powerful spiritual powers to cast Spell. Stop worries solve your problems to day! (Any Work we do is Secret/ Confidential between Me and...
[babadunga] - [Art Gallery] - [Tuesday 12th, September 2017]

The Chelsea International Fine Art Competition Exhibition
This August, Agora Gallery is delighted to present the Chelsea International Fine Art Competition Exhibition , a collection of work selected by a jury of industry experts in the 31 st annual Chelsea International Fine Art Competition. The outstanding participants hail from all over the world and represent an incredible range of style and medium. Sc...
[Olga Ku] - [Art Gallery] - [Friday 22nd, July 2016]

Sharon Shen’s paintings
Shen Yun Fan born in 1964 in Beijing. In 2000 started learning painting, now studying in China famous painter He Daqiao’s painting studio. Works have been sold to Germany, France, the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates, Australia and China. Artist draws mostly people, sometimes in an erotic context. People in the paintings of the artist look ama...
[ArtsCad manager] - [Art Gallery] - [Friday 22nd, April 2016]

Solitary Spaces and Illumination
This spring Agora Gallery is pleased to present two exhibitions highlighting new and groundbreaking voices in the fields of painting and photography. Solitary Spaces celebrates the individual dreamer forging ahead, with a collection of widely dissimilar pieces that represent each artist’s imaginary viewpoint. There are surreal portraits, impossible...
[Agora Gallery] - [Art Gallery] - [Wednesday 6th, April 2016]

Artworks of Painter Artist Jean-Christophe Giesbert
Jean-Christophe Giesbert born in Marseilles 9 October 1965. Author of a hundred poems and a first book of fables. Creator of modern graphic works mingled with poetry, "Lyrographies". In these works, the lyrical interacts with the graphics that complement new way. Female beauty and the beauty of the world around is his inspiration. Jean-Christophe G...
[Lily] - [Art Gallery] - [Thursday 10th, March 2016]

The Hitokoma Manga Show The Cartoon Artists of Kyoto Seika University
Como, March 3rd 2016 MAG and Gallery Tomo present The Hitokoma Manga Show The Cartoon Artists of Kyoto Seika University From and idea of Max Papeschi and curated by Salvatore Marsiglione and Tomoharu Aoyama Opening: Thursday March 10th at 7:00pm Gallery MAG Via Vitani, 31 Como. On exhibit from March 10th to April 2nd 2016 info Como : +39 3287521463...
[Salvatore Marsiglione] - [Art Gallery] - [Thursday 3rd, March 2016]

AGRASSO’s paintings
AGRASSO is very talented self-taught painter. This day, main topic that AGRASSO explores in artworks is the human face and the female face especially. This choice expresses his true interest for the human being, human expressions, feelings, interiority. But this topic is also and especially a pretext in a research on colors, subjects. AGRASSO’s wor...
[Lisa] - [Art Gallery] - [Tuesday 9th, February 2016]

Sylviane Petit’s paintings
Sylviane Petit was born in 1948 in a Charentais village, draw and paint since childhood. The main themas of paintings - still-life, poppies, violets, sunflowers, also Venice and its carnival, landscapes, animals. All artworks of artist are very bright, colorful and have soul. She enjoys painting still life on canvas and wood. Look at the picture an...
[Chloe] - [Art Gallery] - [Thursday 28th, January 2016]

Kellianne O'Brien’s paintings
Kellianne O'Brien is talented self-taught artist. She began her art career in 1994, mentored by Mona Webb, a celebrated outsider artist who taught students in her home, the Wayhouse of Light, in Madison, Wisconsin. Artist’s painting and sculpture are born of a spirituality which derives from overcoming a very difficult past. In 1995 she began to ex...
[Nataliya] - [Art Gallery] - [Thursday 21st, January 2016]

Marie-Claire Houmeau’s paintings
Marie-Claire Houmeau started to paint more than 10 years ago. She has decided to change the career in order to totally devote herself to her art and to widely present her works to the public. The favorites themes of her watercolor works are always related to Nature and our environment. They are separated in different classes, like flowers, still li...
[Ann] - [Art Gallery] - [Thursday 14th, January 2016]

Caroline Favray’s paintings
Caroline Favray is pure self-taught painter, she always loved the decor and she has always had a penchant for art and culture. Her paintings are mostly intuitive: she paints in acrylics by including other structures, other products, leaving free rein to the colors, structures, different techniques, sizes, themes, textures... She likes the contact w...
[Alla] - [Art Gallery] - [Tuesday 29th, December 2015]

Emerich Meerson’s paintings
Emerich Meerson, a French painter born in Germany, spent his childhood in Bulgaria during the Second World War. He lives and works in Paris. It's hard to classify Emerich Meerson in a particular school or trend, because of his abundant creativity and his constant pursuit of plastic expression. His Individuality is strong and recognizable in all his...
[Carla] - [Art Gallery] - [Tuesday 22nd, December 2015]

Martine Palisse’s paintings
Martine Palisse was born in 1949 and exhibit her work since 2003. After a period acrylic, now she prefers oil, its ritual and magic, using alternately knives, flat brushes, her fingers and "brushes 3 hairs ". Martine Palisse paintings evoke the viewer's admiration, striking a riot of colors and brightness. They really fascinate us, so you want bend...
[Alice] - [Art Gallery] - [Tuesday 13th, October 2015]

Nicole Virtue’s pictures
Look at this simple but beautiful picture of Nicole Virtue "Orange (Sunrise at Percé in Gaspesie Quebec)". What do you feel? In my opinion, the first emotion is infinite calm. There are things that you can watch forever, and sunrise - one of the same things. This work vividly shows the feelings and emotions associated with the sunrise. The sky is s...
[Nikky] - [Art Gallery] - [Monday 5th, October 2015]

Marie Christine Legeay’s paintings
Marie Christine Legeay was born in a small village in South Boischaut and now lives in the Loire river valley. She is self-educated painter since ten years and takes part in local regional and international exposures. About her paintings&hellip Wow, they are really soulful. Do you like flowers? But who does not like them ... in the painting "Vase ...
[NC] - [Art Gallery] - [Wednesday 30th, September 2015]

Angelo Tremblay’s paintings
Angelo Tremblay is really talented artist, his works are fascinating! The brightness of the colors, sharp sweeping strokes, free style of drawing - all this makes the works of the artist's unique and alive. He draws with the fingers, it is quite unusual, and the result is truly amazing. Undoubtedly, Angelo Tremblay is a bright landscape painter, ab...
[NC] - [Art Gallery] - [Thursday 17th, September 2015]

Water, Water , Water
Harry Weisburd is exhibiting in the Water, Water Water exhibition, Expressions Gallery, Berkeley, California , USA . Harry is exhbiiting paintings about the California Drought.
[Harry Weisburd] - [Art Gallery] - [Saturday 8th, August 2015]

The Many Forms of Art
[Harry Weisburd] - [Art Gallery] - [Saturday 8th, August 2015]

Water, Water , Water
Water, Water Water and the California Drought exhbition , Expressions Gallery, Berkeley , California 94703 representing Harry Weisburd with Drought paintings, July 25-- October 16, 2015
[Harry Weisburd] - [Art Gallery] - [Saturday 8th, August 2015]

Gallery kemang 58
The Kemang 58 gallery is an alternative spot for art lovers to enjoy various indonesian arts, where The kemang 58 gallery exhibit solo and group arts continuously The concept was to meet the art lovers and patrons to the artist The gallery where located jn kemang raya 58, jakarta was built from a beautiful house.
[talentaorganizer] - [Art Gallery] - [Saturday 20th, December 2014]

Art For the New Year in NYC
Biddy Hodgkinson-Harry Whether you are trying to warm up from New York’s cold winter, or you need to take in some culture and art to detox from the season’s spending, Agora Gallery is the perfect place to stop by for two collections of stunning fine art. In Pathway to Abstraction the audience is invited to experience the sensations of flow and harm...
[Elizabeth Duker-Gold] - [Art Gallery] - [Wednesday 3rd, December 2014]

MAG presents THAT’S ALL FOLKS! Curated by Salvatore Marsiglione and Tomoharu Aoyama Opening on Tuesday September 30th 6.30 pm September 30th to October 12th 2014 MAG Japan - at GalleryTOMO 1F Aoyama BLD 633 Shimogoryomaecho nakagyo-ku Kyoto 6040995 Japan Phone: +81 075 58544160 Info: +39 3287521463 Wit...
[Salvatore Marsiglione] - [Art Gallery] - [Tuesday 30th, September 2014]

MAX PAPESCHI’s institutional solo show
MAX PAPESCHI’s institutional solo show Curated by Salvatore Marsiglione Double show in two locations: San Pietro in Atrio, Via Odescalchi, 3 Como MAG Via Vitani, 31 Como Under the Patronage of Como Municipality Culture Department Under the Patronage of the Association Luigi Russolo's Archive Opening hours: everyday from 11:00am to 8:00pm, Thursdays...
[Salvatore Marsiglione] - [Art Gallery] - [Sunday 29th, June 2014]

ArtandGo is an Online Art Gallery. We are committed to a different way of approaching and appreciating artistic expression, opening our doors to a wider audience. Aiming to bring art closer to everyone, we organize exhibitions for artists who want to show and sell their work online. Our intention is to be a portal for independent artists who have n...
[Maria] - [Art Gallery] - [Monday 16th, June 2014]

Gallery Kemang 58 jakarta
The Kemang 58 gallery is a alternative spot for art lovers to enjoy various indonesian arts where The kemang 58 gallery exhibit solo and group arts continuously The concept was to meet the art lovers and patrons to the artist in hope that there is a communication build between them to share idea, characters, style and backgrounds The galery where l...
[talentaorganizer] - [Art Gallery] - [Monday 26th, May 2014]

Art Gallery Kemang 58 jakarta
The Kemang 58 gallery is a alternative spot for art lovers to enjoy various indonesian arts where The kemang 58 gallery exhibit solo and group arts continuously The concept was to meet the art lovers and patrons to the artist in hope that there is a communication build between them to share idea, characters, style and backgrounds The galery where l...
[talentaorganizer] - [Art Gallery] - [Sunday 25th, May 2014]

Art and Design
MAG presents “ Art and Design ” Present and future time of the Design double show Karim Rashid and Philip Michael Wolfson Produced by Salvatore Marsiglione with the essential co-operation o f Base srl and the support of the Association Luigi Russolo’s Archive Opening on Friday April 4th at 6.30pm from April 4th to May 3rd 2014 MAG, Via Vitani 31, C...
[Salvatore Marsiglione] - [Art Gallery] - [Thursday 3rd, April 2014]

Enzo Bersezio | Armando Fettolini at the MXM Contemporary Art
MXM Arte Contemporanea in collaboration with Marsiglione Arts Gallery di Como present: Enzo Bersezio | Armando Fettolini at the MXM Contemporary Art Saturday, August 17, 2013 18:00 17 August to 7 September 2013 timetable: 17:30 to 20:00 Fri - Sat. - Sun or by appointment An encounter between two artists, Enzo Bersezio and Armando Fettolini, joined ...
[MAG] - [Art Gallery] - [Friday 16th, August 2013]

Immaginario Toscano
MAG - Marsiglione Arts Gallery presenta Immaginario Toscano Pittura e scultura a confronto Ivo Lombardi - Maximo Pellegrinetti A cura di Salvatore Marsiglione Dal 22 agosto al 14 settembre 2013 Opening: Giovedì 22 agosto 2013 dalle 18.30 Orari : martedì - sabato 10:00 - 13:00 | 15:00 - 19:30 MAG - Marsiglione Arts Gallery Via Vitani, 31 22100 Como ...
[MAG] - [Art Gallery] - [Saturday 10th, August 2013]

Fire, air, water and earth - Mattie Schilders solo exhibition
MAG - Marsiglione Arts Gallery presents Fire, air, water and earth Mattie Schilders solo exhibition By Salvatore Marsiglione From July 18 to August 17, 2013 Opening: Thursday, July 18, 2013 from 18:30 Opening hours: Tuesday - Saturday 10:00 - 13:00 | 15:00 - 19:30 Live painting side events at the Grand Hotel of Cadenabbia in Griante on the roof ter...
[MAG] - [Art Gallery] - [Wednesday 3rd, July 2013]

East End Artists of the 50s and 60s
As summer approaches, many New York School artists fled East Hampton for safe haven form the gridlock, noises, heat and stress of the City. They continued to work and play hard. Works by Elaine de Kooning, Hedda Sterne, Walter Plate, Ibram Lassaw and Grace Hartigan will be on view during our summer exhibition hours.
[Johnathan Garland] - [Art Gallery] - [Saturday 15th, June 2013]

Call for Art - Theme “CityScapes” Online Art Competition
Call for Entries - 3 rd Annual “CityScapes” Online Juried Art Competition Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery announces an art call for the gallery’s 3rd Annual “CityScapes” Juried Art Competition for the month of June 2013. The gallery invites all 2D artists (including photography) from around the world to make online submissions for inclusion i...
[John R Math] - [Art Gallery] - [Wednesday 22nd, May 2013]

No Boundaries
Artwork by Chloe Lamb, Alexis Portilla and Michael Rich. Birnam Wood / Galleries 514 W 24th Street, 3W New York, NY 10011 Reception: April 11th, 2013, 6pm -8pm Open Tuesday through Saturday, 11am-6pm from April 9th to May 4th, 2013.
[Celine Mo] - [Art Gallery] - [Saturday 6th, April 2013]

MAG Marsiglione Arts Gallery Presents LUIGI RUSSOLO L’arte dei rumori CONCURRENTLY WITH THE HUNDREDTH ANNIVERSARY OF THE MANIFESTO’S PUBLICATION, ADDRESSED TO BALILLA PRATELLA BY LUIGI RUSSOLO ABOUT “L’ARTE DEI RUMORI” By Simona Bartolena and Salvatore Marsiglione With the valuable help of the Prof. Pietro Verardo From 11 March to 6 April 2013 Open...
[MAG] - [Art Gallery] - [Thursday 7th, March 2013]

"Quintessential Adobo" by Mel Vera Cruz
"Quintessential Adobo" by Mel Vera Cruz - March guest artist The Paolo Mejia Art Gallery and Design Studio is proud to introduce and showcase Mel Vera Cruz's artwork. His artwork references a neo-pop and neo-expressionist style that evokes social commentary on today's experiences in society. The art show is entitled " Quintessential Adobo ". The ar...
[paolomejia] - [Art Gallery] - [Wednesday 20th, February 2013]

The Figurative Art Exhibition is Now Online and Ready to View
The Figurative Art Exhibition Now Online and Ready to View Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is pleased to announce that its June 2012 art exhibition is now posted on their website and is ready to view online. The theme for this art exhibition is “Figurative” and artists were asked for their interpretation of this theme by depicting the human f...
[John R. Math] - [Art Gallery] - [Saturday 2nd, June 2012]

SHINE Berkeley Art Center Annual Art Exhibition
Harry Weisburd is exhibited his Platinum award winning 3D painting , Stairway to Heaven . in the SHINE, Berkeley Art Center Annual Exhibition, December 17, 2011 to January 29,10`12
[Harry Weisburd] - [Art Gallery] - [Sunday 15th, January 2012]

Abacus Reproduction Painting Gallery
Abacus Reproduction Oil Paintings Gallery offers hand painted fine art reproductions in oil on canvas. Includes reproduction Vincent Van Gogh paintings , reproductions of famous impressionist paintings as well as contemporary artworks. A perfect, high quality resource for interior designers and homemakers.
[Abacus Reproduction Painting Gallery] - [Art Gallery] - [Wednesday 13th, July 2011]

The Persistence of Color: Lynda Pogue / a Solo Exhibition
NEW YORK, NY - Chelsea’s Agora Gallery is proud to present The Persistence of Color: Lynda Pogue, a solo exhibition . Scheduled to run from March 25, 2011 through April 15, 2011, the collection will display Lynda’s inspirational works. Award-winning Canadian artist Lynda Pogue combines a deep personal passion with all the emotionality and energy th...
[Lee Eagle] - [Art Gallery] - [Sunday 6th, March 2011]

All New Spring Exhibitions at Agora Gallery
Kelly Hunt, Flow, Digital Print on Canvas, 40" x 27" For Immediate Release NEW YORK, NY - Agora Gallery welcomes an ever-popular exhibition to Gallery I this month, presenting the full glory and complexity of fine art photography in Altered States of Reality: an Exhibition of Analog and Digital Fine Art Photography . Subtle yet clear-eyed, these ar...
[Lee Eagle] - [Art Gallery] - [Monday 21st, February 2011]

Call for Art - February's Theme "Animals" - Apply Now
Call for Art - February's Theme "Animals" - Apply Now Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery presents a Juried Competition, in which 2D artists from around the world are called upon to make online submissions for the theme “Animals” for inclusion into the March 2011 online group exhibition. Light Space & Time encourages entries from all 2D artists r...
[John R. Math] - [Art Gallery] - [Wednesday 9th, February 2011]

Contemporary Art at Agora Gallery
Amalia Gil-Merino , Idols and Slaves , Oil on Canvas, 79" x 39" NEW YORK, NY - Agora Gallery continues to celebrate the spring season with a new series of exhibitions that are guaranteed to brighten your day. Admire the talent of contemporary German artists in Contemporary German Art: The New York Experience , get in touch with your love of life wi...
[Lee Eagle] - [Art Gallery] - [Monday 7th, February 2011]

Celebrate the Holidays with Art at Agora Gallery
Celebrate the holidays with Agora Gallery’s new four part exhibition. Gallery I will feature the vibrant and stunning work of artists from the world over. Gallery II will exhibit the fine art of VéroniKaH. Fully in tune with their cultural heritage, the artists in the Odyssey Within bring a contemporary approach to their art, with results that will...
[Joyce Asper] - [Art Gallery] - [Thursday 18th, November 2010]

Extraordinary Art at NYC's Agora Gallery this November
Ping He, Partner, Acrylic on Canvas, 26" x 20" Agora Gallery will kick off the new season with four new exhibitions starting on November 23, 2010 and continuing until December 14, 2010, with an opening reception on December 2, 2010. Gallery II will showcase the newest and most personal sculptures of the famous Lego® brick artist Nathan Sawaya. Whil...
[Joyce Asper] - [Art Gallery] - [Wednesday 3rd, November 2010]

Art Salon of the Union of Visual Artists from Romania at World Trade Center from Iasi, Romania
Every year, at the World Trade Center of Iasi, Romania, takes place he Art Salon of the Union of Visual Artists from Romania, where evey artist presents the best work , painting or sculpture, he achieved within the year. The Art Salon 2010 lasts 4 months. I have shown at the Salon the oil painting Flowering Brain.
[Daniela Isache] - [Art Gallery] - [Friday 15th, October 2010]

Artiste L'AngdonArt January 2011 exhibition
Discover to-day 2 different landscapes in each Langdonart painting! Exhibition of small paintings by Artiste Langdonart and other Painters now for only $150.00 + - each till January 18th 2011 at the studio-art gallery ExpressionArt l'atelier-galerie d'Emmanuel Claudais, 82 boulevard de la Concorde Est, Laval, Quebec,Canada 1-450- 967-5902 Or purcha...
[Artiste L'AngdonArt ] - [Art Gallery] - [Monday 3rd, September 2007]

Masters of the Imagination: the Latin American Fine Art Exhibition
Agora Gallery’s annual Latin American exhibition will be held in Chelsea from September 10 through October 1, 2010. This exciting exhibition features some of the most compelling and thought provoking work available today. Exhibition Dates: September 10, 2010 - October 1, 2010 Reception : Thursday, September 16, 2010, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. Gallery Locati...
[Lee Eagle] - [Art Gallery] - [Sunday 15th, August 2010]

Grand Opening, Wilkinson Western Gallery, Beijing, China
2010, Year of the Tiger, Group Exhibition, Grand Opening , Wilkinson Western Gallery, Beijing, China. Located in Songzhuang Art Zone , Tongzhou District. . Group Exhibiton includes Top Chinese Tiger Artist, Hong Mngshe, and Harry Weisburd, Figurative and Landscape Artist , Berkeley, California, USA Artist.. For more information contact gallery man...
[Harry Weisburd] - [Art Gallery] - [Sunday 14th, February 2010]

Armen Galumyan gallery
До по на мо ли до ст ис @ / Ар Га ДО ПО НА МО ЛИ Porfolio ДО ПО! ЕС ВЫ Ин ДЛ пр MINE мн мо св ПО Ка че ун и вс мы вы из 'Де', не ос пр на, xоч ск, чт не вс по об эт, ст уй от де в бе ма! о тд. И та xуд ес не ...
[Armen Galumyan] - [Art Gallery] - [Wednesday 4th, November 2009]

Chelsea ’s Agora Gallery is pleased to present a four part collective exhibition that is scheduled to run from November 20, 2009 through December 11, 2009. Pulsing with a vibrant energy, Agora Gallery’s The Rhythm of Color displays the expressive cen...
[Lee Eagle] - [Art Gallery] - [Monday 2nd, November 2009]

BIENVENUE à tous mes Clients et Admirateurs dans mon Atelier/ Gallerie   'FRAGAL/ GALLAND' 4 Rue du Portail - 8330-LE CASTELLET (niveau la Poste) WELCOME TO MY CLIENTS AND ADMIRERS  into my Workshop/ Gallery   'FRAGAL/ GALLAND'  located 4 Rue du Portail ...
[GALLAND Francoise] - [Art Gallery] - [Monday 24th, August 2009]

A NYC ART SHOW: Quintessential Color, Sensorial Realities and Spatial Artic...
The Agora Gallery is pleased to present A NYC Art Show: Quintessential Color, Sensorial Realities and Spatial Articulation.   Scheduled to run from March 21, 2009 through April 10, 2009 (Reception: March 26, 6 to 8pm), the latest exhibition from Chel...
[Amanda Aaron] - [Art Gallery] - [Monday 23rd, February 2009]

Marche Centro d'Arte: Marco Bernacchia - Francesca Gentili
Dopo il successo del primo appuntamento di Marche Centro d&rsquo Arte, con la collettiva che ha presentato i lavori di Roberto Cicchinè , Daniele Duranti, nardiescopetta e Rita Soccio, alla Galleria Marconi di Cupra Marittima proseguono gli app...
[dario ciferri] - [Art Gallery] - [Tuesday 17th, February 2009]

Art from Around the World: Matrix of the Mind, The Dexterity of Form and Th...
NEW YORK , NY – The Agora Gallery (530 West 25 th Street , Chelsea , New York, NY, 1001) is pleased to present Fine Art from Around the World: Matrix of the Mind, The Dexterity of Form and The Rhythm of Color.   Scheduled to run from February 24, 200...
[Amanda Aaron] - [Art Gallery] - [Sunday 1st, February 2009]

Marche Centro d'Arte
Alla Galleria Marconi di Cupra Marittima proseguono gli appuntamenti della rassegna Gallerista sull&rsquo orlo di una crisi di nervi. Dopo la collettiva Dittici. Narrazioni fotografiche, che ha presentato i lavori di Marco Scozzaro, Fabio Mantovani e...
[dario ciferri] - [Art Gallery] - [Wednesday 14th, January 2009]

NYC ART SHOW: Contemporary Perspectives, Enigmatic Visions, Interpretive Re...
NEW YORK , NY – The Agora Gallery (530 West 25 th Street , Chelsea , New York, NY, 1001) is pleased to present A NYC Art Show: Contemporary Perspectives, Enigmatic Visions and Interpretive Realms.   Scheduled to run from January 30, 2009 through Febr...
[Amanda Aaron] - [Art Gallery] - [Thursday 8th, January 2009]

[PRATIBHASINGH] - [Art Gallery] - [Monday 15th, December 2008]

Inaugura il 3 novembre 2008 alle 18.30 presso lo Studio Soligo “ BODYPROJECT:FUORI – Corpi esposti ”, seconda collettiva del progetto “ …SCANNING… - un’esplorazione a puntate della pittura figurativa romana ”, a cura di Stefano Elena.   Nonostante si...
[Art Gallery] - [Saturday 1st, November 2008]

giorgio melzi a milano DI / segni
CLAUDIO RIZZI - 10.09.2008 E' una storia a capitoli intensi. Un cammino irto di ostacoli ma una percorso progressivo, con incedere mai lento e mai domo. Trent'anni di professionalità. Se un produttore gli dedicasse un film, forse la colonna sonora av...
[giorgio melzi] - [Art Gallery] - [Wednesday 1st, October 2008]

1st Mail Art Festival in Malaysia
1st Mail Art Festival in Malaysia / MMAF Theme: open Technique: open Size: A3 and A4 Exhibition: Shah Alam Gallery, Yayasan Seni Selangor (Selangor Art Foundation), Shah Alam, Malaysia (March 2009) Artists will receive a certificate of appreciation f...
[Said Abu] - [Art Gallery] - [Thursday 11th, September 2008]

Metastasi: l'inizio e la fine
Alla Galleria Marconi , dopo la doppia personale degli artisti olandesi Peter De Boer e Radioqualia , continuano gli appuntamenti della rassegna Con te o senza di te . Domenica 4 maggio alle 18.00 sarà presentata Metastasi l’inizio e la fine , person...
[dario ciferri] - [Art Gallery] - [Wednesday 30th, April 2008]

In Libero Quadrato
Genere: Arte contemporanea collettiva Titolo: In libero Quadrato Periodo: dal 27 ottobre al 11 novembre 2007 Sede: Neo Art Gallery Indirizzo: Via Urbana 122 Città: 00184 Roma Orari della galleria: dal martedì al sabato 16.00- 19.30 Vernissage: sabato 27ottobre 2007 ore 18.30 Ingresso: Libero A cura: Antonietta Campilongo Presentazione: Pier Maurizi...
[antonietta campilongo] - [Art Gallery] - [Wednesday 24th, October 2007]

Paesaggi interiori
Galleria Crispi di Gallia Kroumova Trulli – Via Francesco Crispi, 32/ a – Roma presenta dal 12 al 27 maggio 2007 Paesaggi interiori Collettiva di pittura a cura di Gallia Kroumova Trulli presentazione di: Francesco Giulio Farachi – critico d’arte Opere di: Katya Andreeva – Maria Rita Bertuccelli – Antonietta Campilongo – Mario Catalano – CH211 – Fed...
[antonietta campilongo] - [Art Gallery] - [Friday 27th, April 2007]

Specchio non mente
Genere: Arte contemporanea - collettiva pittura-scultura-fotografia-ins tallazione-Arte digitale-performance Titolo: Specchio non mente Periodo: dal 19 maggio al 19 giugno 2007 Sede: Contemporary Art Gallery Domus Sessoriana Indirizzo: Piazza Santa Croce in Gerusalemme 10 Città: Roma Inaugurazione: Sabato 19 maggio ore 18.00 Orari : tutti i giorni ...
[antonietta campilongo] - [Art Gallery] - [Friday 27th, April 2007]

Guerdy Preval
Guerdy Jacques Preval is one of Haiti's finest Painters. He is currently reside in Canada. The themes that dominate his paintings range from the sensuality of women to the echoes of national identity. His paintings easily transport his audiences to a...
[Guerdy Preval] - [Art Gallery] - [Monday 9th, October 2006]

PJET * IMAGES: Drawings by Pamela and Paintings by Eric
P*JET * IMAGES, the home for Drawings by Pamela and Paintings by Eric has expanded into books!  The Epic of Cougran , a novel about a villian's rise to power and his struggle against the society that through him away. Meet Herbert , and the early rea...
[Eric and Pamela Tilden] - [Art Gallery] - [Monday 5th, December 2005]