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Grand Opening, Gallery 245
July 21, 2006 The opening of Gallery 245, in Eugene, Oregon, USA, featuring the work of Colleen Patricia and other great artists. 245 Blair Blvd., Eugene, Oregon, USA Music, wine, and fantastic art!
[Colleen Patricia Williams] - [News] - [Saturday 22nd, July 2006]

The Nomadic Project Reaches Halfway Point!
It has been seven months since painter, Kristin Abraham and musician, Alfonso Llamas set out on a quest to connect the United States through art! Working on their conceptual art project titled The Nomadic Project, the two artists have camped out of t...
[Kristin Abraham] - [News] - [Monday 17th, July 2006]

Winning of admittance
Sergey Ignatenko, a Gomel, Belarus resident, has won admittance into the Acrylic/ Oil Division of the prestigious American Juried Art Salon's 2006 Spring/ Summer show. The title of the winning work is "Mother With Little Daughter." Top college and univ...
[News release] - [News] - [Monday 1st, May 2006]

Denver's Hot Art Scene Welcomes The Nomadic Project
Lookout Santa Fe, Chicago and even New York, here comes Denver! The Denver art scene is thriving and shows no sign of slowing down. "The city itself is in the midst of a cultural surge with the opening of a major Denver Art Museum expansion in the fa...
[Kristin Abraham] - [News] - [Friday 19th, May 2006]

Alexander Presniakov latest Masterpieces
World renown Classical painter/ artist Alexander Presniakov has made available his latest masterpiece. An Epic painting of renaissance proportions entitled: "Julius Caesar receiving his troops after battle" 66"x 126"(inches),166.64x 421.64(centimeters...
[Alexander Presniakov] - [News] - [Thursday 18th, May 2006]

Leben mit Ersatzteilen
Leben mit Ersatzteilen Eine Ausstellung des Deutschen Museums in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Berliner Medizinhistorischen Museum der Charité vom 1.06.2006 – 25.02.2007 gefördert vom Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung Einladung zur Pressekonferenz...
[tinoschmidt] - [News] - [Thursday 1st, June 2006]

Lunedì 1° maggio 2006 un'opera di Mimmo Paladino di medie dimensioni è stata trafugata dalla Galleria Astuni di Pietrasanta Si tratta di un lavoro del 1997 "Senza titolo", olio su tavola in cornice di rame, cm. 41,3x31,1 L'opera è visibile sul sito d...
[Enrico Astuni] - [News] - [Saturday 6th, May 2006]

The Nomadic Project Stranded In Tucson!
The Nomadic Project has been temporarily stopped in its tracks. While passing through Tuscon, on a gloomy Sunday afternoon, the Element was plowed into by a 2005 gray Kia. In the driver's seat was a young man on his way to work at Peter Piper's Pizza...
[Kristin Abraham] - [News] - [Wednesday 22nd, March 2006]

Santa Fe Participates in The Nomadic Project
The Nomadic Project continues to unite the country through art. New Mexico joins twelve other states in a conceptual art project designed by Kristin Abraham and Alfonso Llamas. Crossroads Contemporary proudly exhibits, the Oklahoma-inspired painting,...
[Kristin Abraham] - [News] - [Wednesday 22nd, March 2006]

The Nomadic Project
  PRESS RELEASE The Nomadic Project   On  November 13 th , 2005, Kristin Abraham, along with her husband Alfonso Llamas set out on a yearlong journey across America, spending a week in each of the lower 48 states, living out of their Honda Element SU...
[Kristin Abraham] - [News] - [Monday 13th, February 2006]

Art at the Service of Human Achievement
History of Chilean Mining Mural Art at the service of human achievement Recently inaugurated History of Chilean Mining digital mural at the University of Concepción is an assertive discourse for the mining sector. Long has been the notion to translat...
[Alexander Sutulov] - [News] - [Tuesday 29th, November 2005]

Artist Stephen Mead Storefront Is Now Open
Hello. This is the artist/ writer Stephen Mead writing to you from northeastern NY. I just wanted to let anyone interested know that in addition to my resume/ exhibition/ links and art samples still being available at Absolute Arts, I have now opened an...
[Stephen Mead] - [News] - [Thursday 27th, October 2005]

Fine Artist Joins Local Shops to Benefit Fort Myers Leukemia & Lymphoma Soc...
img src=' Exit% 20136.jpg ' P S aturday, October 8th, from 4-7 p.m., a silent auction will be held to benefit the Fort Myers Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The auction will take place at Tonic Hair Salon celebrating the open...
[Kristin Abraham] - [News] - [Thursday 6th, October 2005]

Fifth International Biennial of Contemporary ArtFifth International Biennia...
Valeriy Mavlo has been selected to take part in the Fifth International Biennial of Contemporary Art, which is due to take place from 3 December to 11 December 2005 in the exhibition space of the Fortezza da Basso in Florence, Italy.
[Valeriy Mavlo] - [News] - [Monday 19th, September 2005]

have to see my paintings
Greetings from Nepal! Recently got this website and i want people to see my paintings. Coz i am from a poor country I dont have any major exhibitions comming up. Being a Tibetan but sad enough i am living in Nepal. Please do write comments on my pain...
[Tenzxy TRT] - [News] - [Saturday 27th, August 2005]

New Series - "Inhibitions"
Artist's Commentary The "Inhibitions" series is based entirely on feelings of vulnerability and emotional confinement. The female figure humanizes the painting, while her nudity symbolizes vulnerability. The coloring of the figure contributes to the ...
[Kristin Abraham] - [News] - [Tuesday 26th, July 2005]

artist looking for a dealer
Ivan de Monbrison, painter and sculptor, living in Paris, looking for an agent, dealer or art gallery to promote his work. website: blackowl e-mail:
[Ivan de Monbrison] - [News] - [Monday 11th, July 2005]

Communauté artistique francophone en ligne!
Une nouvelle communauté artistique essentiellement francophone a été créée pour accueillir tous les artistes, modèles et amateurs d'art qui désirent: . échanger idées et information . présenter leurs travaux pour commentaires . annoncer leurs activit...
[Diane Caron] - [News] - [Monday 18th, April 2005]

The Dream People April/May 2005: Art by Keith Wigdor
The new issue of The Dream People is now online at, featuring the art of the surrealist, Keith Wigdor. This is the new April/ May 2005 issue, "Mutating Angels" which is now live online!
[Keith Wigdor] - [News] - [Saturday 2nd, April 2005]

New book in French: "Communiquer par l'images"
JUST PUBLISHED New book on how to communicate through pictures in French "Communiquer par l'images" by French author Alain Joannes, Paris It was presented at "Salon du Livre" in Paris, France on 10 March 2005. Chapter about Asbjorn Lonvig (presented ...
[Asbjorn Lonvig] - [News] - [Sunday 27th, March 2005]

Asbjorn Lonvig articles published by FullDigitalArt in Paris, France
Articles published at FullDigitalArt My art articles - artblogs - were published at WWAR Art News in USA , then they were published at ADN Network in World ArtNews in Japan and now you can read them at FullDigitalArt in Paris: "Colorful News.." "Inte...
[Asbjorn Lonvig] - [News] - [Friday 25th, March 2005]

Isa Zapata, artist in residense Miami Children's Museum
PRESS RELEASE- ISA ZAPATA (ARTIST) Last February 28 th , the Miami Children’s Museum named its new resident artist. On this occasion, the fortunate one was the young Colombian Artist, Isa Zapata. She has been involved with the Museum since its inaugu...
[Public Relations] - [News] - [Tuesday 8th, March 2005]

Live Models Ateliers and Art Classes
Ateliers de modèles vivants à l'Atelier d'Art du 1660, rue St-Denis à Montréal, 4 fois par semaine. Pour information: (514) 836-4301 ou email au Bienvenue à tous les artistes! Également, cours privés et semi-privés (3 élèves) de...
[Diane Caron] - [News] - [Wednesday 2nd, February 2005]

Concurso Internacional MundoArte 05 - Miami USA
Concurso Internacional Mundo Arte 05 Miami - USA 4 de Febrero al 5 de Marzo, Galeria Hatman de Coral Gable Pequeño formato. maximo tamaño carta o A4. Tema libre pedir bases a -
[Susana Weingast] - [News] - [Monday 29th, November 2004]