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History of Chilean Mining Mural
INAUGURADO EN LA UNIVERSIDAD DE CONCEPCION: Magnífico mural de la historia minera -La obra, creada por el artista Alexander Sutulov, se emplaza en el edificio de Ingeniería Metalúrgica de esa casa universitaria . Los 4.00 años de nuestra historia min...
[Alexander Sutulov] - [Other] - [Monday 28th, November 2005]

Call for Artists - Toronto, Canada
Painting, Mixed-Media and Sculpture. Any subject matter. Artist may exhibit up to three pieces of work. All jury fees will go directly to Greenpeace Canada. Artists keep any proceeds for work they sell during the show. For submission forms please ema...
[Ian] - [Other] - [Saturday 23rd, July 2005]

Free Art Gallery - Unlimited number of Artists and Artworks is offering free Art Galleries Unlimited number of Artists and Artworks Exemple: @/ @X PGallery Register now Contact us by email : contact @ tableauxenligne . com (remove spaces)
[AllArtOnLine] - [Other] - [Wednesday 1st, September 2004]

ARTROM Gallery Art Competitions
ARTROM Gallery Art Competitions ARTROM Gallery Rome, Italy sponsors a continuous calendar of international juried art Competitions for artists and art students world-wide. Each Competition concludes with a month-l...
[David Genovesi] - [Other] - [Tuesday 1st, March 2005]

Lynn Gaubatz to Perform World Première in Austria
CONTACT: John Feather tel. - 703-228-0892 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (11/ 11/ 04) Spend This Thanksgiving In A Crypt With Lynn Gaubatz FALLS CHURCH, Virginia -- Each year at Thanksgiving American Lynn Gaubatz goes down into the crypt a...
[Lynn Gaubatz] - [Other] - [Tuesday 16th, November 2004]

Romantic Realism By Marvin Steel
Romantic Realism By Marvin Steel Painting Studio and Gallery open everyday Featuring paintings with imaginative themes, painted in the technique of the old masters. Marvin Steel paints for himself and refuses to paint stereotype themes because of the...
[Marvin Steel] - [Other] - [Sunday 7th, November 2004]

Press Release - Isa Zapata Visual Artist, Talent & Creativity
Press Release- Isa Zapata Visual Artist This young Colombian woman, in addition to her beauty and sympathy, shines even brighter when we talk about her talent. Isa changed children’s games for painting classes, which she started when she was only 8...
[Isa Zapata] - [Other] - [Friday 2nd, July 2004]

Internet site for Art galleries (free)
This part's easy - click the sign up button that's best for you and you are just steps away from having a gallery! Start building your gallery
[T.E.L.] - [Other] - [Tuesday 1st, June 2004]

Market Your Art with an Online Portfolio
Market Your Art with an Online Portfolio: We offer online portfolios for all artists to actively promote their work. Our goal is to provide artists with real international exposure and valuable marketing tools. We receive millions of page views eve...
[T.E.L.] - [Other] - [Saturday 1st, May 2004]

Kultur Börse : The BluesPainter Lositheed
the BluesPainter Lositheed am 14 Mai 2004 auf der 1. Kultur Börse des Rhein Lahn Kreises Beginn: 14 Mai 17:00 UHR Veranstaltungsort: Kreisverwaltung Rhein - Lahn Telf. 02603 972-177 see you soon
[Lositheed] - [Other] - [Wednesday 14th, April 2004]

Watercolour Fairies -LorAnge
A new art instruction book by author David Riché featuring paintings by LorAnge and about 30 more of of the world's leading fairy/ fantasy artists will be coming out early this summer, the book will be published worldwide.
[Other] - [Saturday 20th, March 2004]

Talleres de Creación Artística Digital
Mérida (Venezuela): Centro de Investigación para la Creación Artística Digital (CICAD). Iván Darío Hernández. Artista Plástico / Talleres de Dibujo Arte Digital.- 02 febrero de 2004 Tel: 0274-252 5010
[Iván Hernández] - [Other] - [Tuesday 20th, January 2004]

We wishes that this new year 2004 be rich in colors..
We wishes that this new year 2004 be rich in colors so beneficial for the physical and mental balance of everyone. We wishes that new year 2004 brings to each one: health, love and peace.
[Josèphe et Jean ] - [Other] - [Wednesday 31st, December 2003]

Christmas Wishes

[Other] - [Thursday 25th, December 2003]