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Abstracts Art Exhibition is Now Online and Ready to View
Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is pleased to announce that its April 2013 art exhibition is now posted on their website and is ready to view online. The theme for this art exhibition is “Abstracts” and artists were asked to submit their best non-representational abstract art for the gallery’s March art competition. An art competition was hel...
[John R. Math] - [Art News] - [Tuesday 2nd, April 2013]

Exposition peintures de Roblo à Noirmoutier
Exposition des peintures de Roblo à la capitainerie du port Morin à l'épine dans Noirmoutier-ehn l'île du 28.06 au 12.07.13
[Louis Roblo] - [Art Announcement] - [Tuesday 2nd, April 2013]

Be Inspired at Agora Gallery this May
AnnaMaria Critelli-The Eye of the Storm Celebrate the natural beauty of the world which is so apparent during the spring season with these lovely and evocative works of art at Agora this May. The Odyssey of Color presents work bursting with the life and subtlety of color, giving due importance to the power of hue without forgetting the other aspect...
[Joyce] - [Art News] - [Wednesday 27th, March 2013]

"Red Iron Oxide" by Douglas Yee
Feature Art - “Red Iron Oxide: Homage to David Park” by Douglas Yee Oil on Canvas 72” x 60” 2011 Douglas Yee is an abstract and figurative painter. In this particular painting, Douglas embarks in expressing the sublime through his minimalistic work. He uses minimalism to capture the simplicity of an expression, emotion or gesture, combined with the...
[paolomejia] - [Art Announcement] - [Monday 18th, March 2013]

“Blue Series” by Mary Collins
“Blue Series” by Mary Collins Green on Blue Acrylic on canvas 18&Prime x 24&Prime 2013 The Paolo Mejia Art Gallery and Design Studio is proud to announce our “Abstract Making Class/ workshop” featured artist, Mary Collins . Her art show entitled “Blue Series” will be showing the culmination of what she learned in class. The artworks will depict th...
[paolomejia] - [Art News] - [Tuesday 12th, March 2013]

"Yantra" by Frost Newton - Featured art at
"Yantra" by Frost Newton - Featured art at Yantra , Mixed Media Frost Newton is an East Bay artist, who paints with gouache and oil. In this particular piece, he uses mixed media to create a clean and dimensional presentation. Frost uses a spray gun to capture and create this flawless effect. His skillful handling captures an ine...
[paolomejia] - [Art Announcement] - [Sunday 10th, March 2013]

MAG Marsiglione Arts Gallery Presents LUIGI RUSSOLO L’arte dei rumori CONCURRENTLY WITH THE HUNDREDTH ANNIVERSARY OF THE MANIFESTO’S PUBLICATION, ADDRESSED TO BALILLA PRATELLA BY LUIGI RUSSOLO ABOUT “L’ARTE DEI RUMORI” By Simona Bartolena and Salvatore Marsiglione With the valuable help of the Prof. Pietro Verardo From 11 March to 6 April 2013 Open...
[MAG] - [Art Gallery] - [Thursday 7th, March 2013]

Paolo Mejia Art Gallery and Design Studio
The Paolo Mejia Art Gallery and Design Studio offer services that attempts to meet customer’s and client’s need whether to diversify and extend their art collection, or reorganize, revamp, improve and/ or add taste and color to their environment, or design simple visual graphics to help their business by: Selling original art works Renting artworks ...
[paolomejia] - [Art site] - [Wednesday 6th, March 2013]

Enchanting April Exhibitions at Agora
Angelo Sannasardo-Camp David This April, two inspiring exhibitions are coming to Agora Gallery, Interpretive Realms combines a thrilling sense of kinetic excitement with the detached ability to reflect and describe. The result is work that has one foot in the everyday world and the other in that of the imagination, elevating both to a new and inter...
[Joyce Asper] - [Art News] - [Friday 1st, March 2013]

Grimm's Fairy Tale by Frost Newton
Grimm's Fairy Tale by Frost Newton The Paolo Mejia Art Gallery and Design Studio is proud to endorse Frost Newton , one of our in-house artist that we represent. He will be having a solo-show at the San Leandro Public Library this March, and will be showing a body of work that will feature stories from the "Grimm's Fairy Tales". Come visit and see ...
[paolomejia] - [Art News] - [Monday 25th, February 2013]

"Quintessential Adobo" by Mel Vera Cruz
"Quintessential Adobo" by Mel Vera Cruz - March guest artist The Paolo Mejia Art Gallery and Design Studio is proud to introduce and showcase Mel Vera Cruz's artwork. His artwork references a neo-pop and neo-expressionist style that evokes social commentary on today's experiences in society. The art show is entitled " Quintessential Adobo ". The ar...
[paolomejia] - [Art Gallery] - [Wednesday 20th, February 2013]

The 28th Chelsea International Fine Art Competition
The 28th Chelsea International Fine Art Competition - Begins on February 12, 2013! Here’s what several of the 2012 selected competition artists raved about: “ As a New Yorker I was impressed by the truly international nature of the show, and by the quality of the art.” ~ Meredith Rose "To see my work displayed on the walls of your gallery was valid...
[Carolina Carilo] - [Art News] - [Friday 15th, February 2013]

The Best of Contemporary Fine Art at Agora Gallery
Don Artamas-Spiritual Transition If you are looking for an exhibition that celebrates the diversity and visual delights of the world, and reflects the spring feeling of growth and life, come to Agora Gallery for three great exhibitions. In Landscapes of the Mind , artists bring all of their interests and ideas together to create works that illumina...
[Joyce Asper] - [Art News] - [Friday 15th, February 2013]

Art that will Make You Marvel at Agora Gallery this March
Avaz Mutall-Summer Landscape Agora Gallery, NYC is delighted to present two exhibitions that contain the joy and zest of spring, giving viewers a feeling of optimism, energy and hope. In Sensorial Perspectives viewers can appreciate the elegant, intricate approach that leads to works that are both engaging and visually stunning. Careful observation...
[Joyce Asper] - [Art News] - [Monday 21st, January 2013]

February is Art for the Heart Month at Agora Gallery
Blanca Plata-Snowflake This February, Agora Gallery is proud to present two exhibitions that will warm your heart and touch your soul, bringing light and life to the winter days. Idiosyncratic Expressions delves into the diverse and diverting nature of perception and individual expression and awareness. Uniting a very personal approach to human nat...
[Joyce Asper] - [Art News] - [Wednesday 2nd, January 2013]

Welcome to my world!
I would like to invite you all to my art gallery in ArtsCad. I am a modern art artist. I hope my paintings could be of interest to you. I express myself, my visions and my inner world through paint and brush. I hope you're going to like it. So people welcome to my world and enjoy it!
[Oleg] - [Art News] - [Sunday 16th, December 2012]

Make Art a Part of your New Year
Alan Jacobson-Gaining Solace If you're looking for something to brighten up the winter days and start your year on a positive note, Agora Gallery's January exhibitions are for you. The Substance of Abstraction gifts its audience with an inspiring new perspective, bringing out the mystery and attraction of the aspects of life and the world that are ...
[Joyce Asper] - [Art News] - [Monday 3rd, December 2012]

Call for Entries – 2nd Annual All Photography Online Art Competition
Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery announces a call for entries for the gallery’s 2 nd Annual “All Photography” online art competition for the month of December 2012. Photographers from around the world are called upon to make online submissions for inclusion in to the Gallery’s January 2013 online group art exhibition. Light Space & Time encour...
[John R. Math] - [Art Announcement] - [Sunday 2nd, December 2012]

Seasons Art Exhibition Now Online and Ready to View
Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is very delighted to announce that its December 2012 online art exhibition is now posted on their website and is ready to view online. The theme for this art exhibition is “Seasons” and artists were asked to interpret and depict the four distinct times of the year, along with scenes and activities associated wi...
[John R. Math] - [Art Announcement] - [Sunday 2nd, December 2012]

nude woman
for sale:picture oil on canvas cm.50x70,year 1974,500 dolrs + 30 for shipping
[emilio cappelli] - [Art Announcement] - [Tuesday 20th, November 2012]

morte resuscitata
for sale:little sculpture h=cm.35,releazed with iron.500 dollars + 30 for shipping.see at (ekap) other 80 sculptures of mine.emilio cappelli
[emilio cappelli] - [Art Announcement] - [Tuesday 20th, November 2012]

drago gallico
plese,see on (ekap)my 80 sculptures nd pictures.emilio cappelli,bologna,italy,t +393471474627
[emilio cappelli] - [Artist site] - [Tuesday 20th, November 2012]

coccodrillo paguro trovatello
please,see my 80 sculptures on (ekap).emilio cappelli,bologna,italy
[emilio cappelli] - [Artist site] - [Tuesday 20th, November 2012]

Wonderful Winter Works at Agora Gallery
Cathy McClelland-Hidden Treasures In The Odyssey Within - an exhibition of Fine Art by Greek and Italian Artists viewers are introduced to art that takes the power of tradition and melds it with the thrilling novelty of the present. Charming, thought-provoking and intelligent, this is art with the ability to inspire. Pathway to Abstraction explores...
[Joyce Asper] - [Art News] - [Thursday 8th, November 2012]

" my spring" new exhibition
" my spring" new group exhibition in Old Jaffa Museum opening 25/ 10/ 12 untill 11/ 10/ 12
[shuly haimsohn weiner] - [Art Announcement] - [Thursday 1st, November 2012]

Salon d'Automn in Israel
I am participaiting with three of my paintings
[shuli haimsohn weiner] - [Art News] - [Saturday 27th, October 2012]

Salon d'Automn arrives in Israel-(my participation)
" salon d'automn " is exhibiting for the first time in Israel31/ 10-4/ 11/ 12 I AM PARTICIPATING WITH THREE OF MY PAINTINGS!
[shuly haimsohn] - [Art News] - [Saturday 27th, October 2012]

Robert Oelman Reveals the Hidden Wonders of the Rainforest
Robert Oelman-Antianthe expansa-Winston Treasures of the Amazon Rainforest: A solo exhibition of photography by Robert Oelman presents the work of a talented photographer who also has an interest in forwarding the knowledge of science. Robert Oelman lives and works in exotic locations to capture insects, fauna, flora and panoramas whose existence a...
[Nellie Scott] - [Art News] - [Saturday 20th, October 2012]

Creativity and Compelling Charm in Agora Gallery Collective
Anita Le Sech-Blue Rush Intriguing, challenging and magical, the works in Unbound Perspectives blend personal vision with individual experience to create a paradoxically universal appeal. Touching on matters of the deepest emotional and practical importance, this is art which refuses to acknowledge the existence of any barriers or boundaries other ...
[Nellie Scott] - [Art News] - [Friday 19th, October 2012]

Inspiring Images at Agora Gallery
Anita Le Sech-Blue Rush In Mélange of Milieu , color, form and content unite to create beautiful and fascinating works of art that reflect what we know and gently indicate the potential still unexplored. Altered States of Reality: An Exhibition of Analog and Digital Photography presents images that both excite and intrigue, as each photograph seems...
[Nellie Scott] - [Art News] - [Tuesday 9th, October 2012]

New 7 piece Definitive Collection in the work.
I have begun a new 7 piece collection. This collection will be in the square-type canvas. The canvasses I use I really love the quality. They are made of cotton duck and wonderful in quality. The source I acquire my canvasses are I am so pleased with the quality. This is one item I am very picky with. I make an extreme effort to utilize the best of...
[R Louisell] - [Art Announcement] - [Thursday 20th, September 2012]

FROM AUSCHWITZ TO DARFUR , AN INTERNATIONALLY TRAVELING EXHIBITION OPENS AT ANTICHI FORNI GALLERY IN MACERATA ITALY. PLEASE JOYN US. Brief words written for Wikipedia on Line As my wish to bring awareness is great and as the subject of this little piece of writing is even greater, here I am, once again trying to reach out to as many people as possi...
[dana klein] - [Art Announcement] - [Sunday 9th, September 2012]

beautiful world of art
my name is mania zahur am born in india all consideration of position wealth and reputation aside the greatest and most enduring triumph as human being lies in knowing that one is doing one's best though one may seem to have attained sucess for the moment one will start to regress the instant one become careless and ceases making effort beggining a...
[mania zahur] - [Art Announcement] - [Saturday 1st, September 2012]

Outstanding Art at Agora this October
Barbara Bilotta. Tranquil Ascension We've got a lovely, lively set of shows for you this October, with something to delight every taste. In Beyond Borders: an Exhibition of Fine Art from Canada, talented Canadian artists display their integrity, ingenuity and artistic excellence with artworks that seem to sparkle on the walls. Elements of Form: Koz...
[Nellie Scott] - [Art News] - [Friday 31st, August 2012]

New Works In Progress
I have recently been working on a new collection. I have gotten back to oils with this group. As usual as before I seem to gravitating towards soft pastel colors. There has not been anything interesting in my life or my dreams or daily routine to spark anything bold. Some would say that I am in a rut, but I say that I am in a calm phase. A soothing...
[R Louisell] - [Art Announcement] - [Friday 17th, August 2012]

new exhibition in Old Jaffa ,Hamigdalor gallery --1.09.12-16.09.12
new exhibition-Old Jaffo gallery Hamigdalor
[Shuly Haimsohn Weiner] - [Wednesday 15th, August 2012]

Four Fabulous Fall Exhibitions at Agora Gallery
Andy Fullalove-Enclosed Agora Gallery is leaping into the fall with four fantastic exhibitions. The works of In Reverie of Form demonstrate all the flair and drive that characterizes the best of contemporary art, while in Elements of Abstraction viewers will be charmed and intrigued by the skillful and appealing command of form and line. Meanwhile,...
[Nellie Scott] - [Art News] - [Thursday 9th, August 2012]

August Exhibition at Agora Gallery
Andrée LaRoche. Au Dela du Reel NEW YORK , NY -- Two exceptional exhibitions are coming to Agora Gallery, with art that will tantalize a variety of tastes and evoke memories in a wide ranging audience. The Chelsea International Fine Art Competition Exhibition presents the work of those artists who were selected by independent juror Ira Goldberg, Ex...
[Nellie Scott] - [Art News] - [Thursday 26th, July 2012]

Summer Exhibitions At Agora Gallery
Bibi Davidson. Pull me out Agora Gallery's Exquisite Exhibits Are a Breath of Fresh Air in the Summer Heat. Come to Agora Gallery to enjoy exhibitions which will add a refreshing, revitalizing spark of inspiration to your day. Interpretive Realms will introduce you to new universes which come to life within the confines of the artwork, yet spread t...
[Nellie Scott] - [Art News] - [Monday 9th, July 2012]

Abstracts Art Exhibition Now Online and Ready to View
Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is pleased to announce that its July 2012 art exhibition is now posted on their website and is ready to view online. The theme for this art exhibition is “Abstracts” and artists were reside to apply to this competition by submitting their best non-representational for inclusion into the gallery’s July online gr...
[John R. Math] - [Art News] - [Tuesday 3rd, July 2012]