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Abacus Reproduction Painting Gallery
Abacus Reproduction Oil Paintings Gallery offers hand painted fine art reproductions in oil on canvas. Includes reproduction Vincent Van Gogh paintings , reproductions of famous impressionist paintings as well as contemporary artworks. A perfect, high quality resource for interior designers and homemakers.
[Abacus Reproduction Painting Gallery] - [Art Gallery] - [Wednesday 13th, July 2011]

The 2011 Chelsea International Fine Art Competition Exhibition
Chloe Vallance , Double Rainbow , Oil & Mixed Media on Board, 12" x 24" For Immediate Release August at Agora Gallery can only mean one thing - The Chelsea International Fine Art Competition Exhibition! Agora Gallery is proud to host this annual event, showcasing powerful contemporary works chosen by the competition’s juror. The 2011 Chelsea Intern...
[Lee Eagle] - [Art Announcement] - [Monday 11th, July 2011]

Journey into Art at Agora Gallery’s Summer Exhibition
Sevega Adriano, Fragments.... , Oil on Canvas, 24" x 48" For Immediate Release NEW YORK, NY - Three new exhibitions are coming to Agora Gallery, bringing with them a refreshing sense of peace, novelty and pleasure that are sure to invigorate visitors despite the summer’s heat. Opening on July 26, 2011 and continuing until August 16, 2011, A Maze of...
[Lee Eagle] - [Art Announcement] - [Monday 20th, June 2011]

Pan He Sculpture at Leona Craig Art Gallery, in Guangzhou
Even people, who have never heard of Pan He, immediately know him when one mentions one of his many famous sculptures. Of course, it may be that only a discerning few know his name, at all, since most of his work is on a grand scale, displayed in museums or public spaces, and smaller versions are made in very limited quantities. Naturally, that is ...
[Craig Mattoli] - [Art Announcement] - [Tuesday 14th, June 2011]

Summer is Here at Agora Gallery
Romain Schaller, Le Mont, Oil on Canvas, 18" x 41" For Immediate Release NEW YORK, NY - Three exciting new exhibitions are coming to Agora Gallery this summer. Visitors will be thrilled by the dazzling creativity of contemporary French art in The French Perspective which brings together works of diverse media but shared emotive power. Elements of A...
[Lee Eagle] - [Art Announcement] - [Monday 30th, May 2011]

Call for Art - Theme "Nature" Apply Now
Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery announces a Juried Competition with the theme “Nature” in which 2D artists (Including Photography & Excluding Video) from around the world are called upon to make online submissions for inclusion into the Gallery’s June 2011 online group exhibition. Light Space & Time encourages entries from all 2D artists rega...
[John R. Math] - [Art Announcement] - [Wednesday 18th, May 2011]

Famous New York artist Dana Klein on display at 5,000 years old archeological site Naples Underground. For installation images please visit
[Dana Klein] - [Art News] - [Wednesday 18th, May 2011]

Harry Weisburd exhibiting , Berkeley Architecture & Planning offices
Harry Weisburd was invited to exhibit 2 paintings with other members of the Expressions Gallery, Berkeley, California, at the Berkeley Architecture and Planning Dept offices, 2nd Floor, downtown Berkeley. Exhibit continues until August 31, 2011. Hours are Monday-Friday, 8 AM- 4 PM.
[Harry Weisburd] - [Art News] - [Tuesday 10th, May 2011]

Expressions Gallery Artist exhibit at Berkeley Achitecture Planning Center
Harry Weisburd, invited to exhibit 2 paintings along with other members of the Expressions Gallery, Berkeley, California. Harry is exhibiting, 2 Watercolors on canvas, including ,"Couple on Terrace overlooking the Sea" and "Bar Fly 11". Exhibition is at the Architecture and Planning offices, 2nd floor, downtown Berkeley.
[Harry Weisburd] - [Art Announcement] - [Tuesday 10th, May 2011]

"Limelight at the Underground"
5,000 years old Greek / Roman archeological site "Naples Undergrount" displaies art works by famous New York artist Dana Klein. For info visit Open Links Most Recent Installations Upcoming Events
[Dana Klein] - [Art News] - [Saturday 7th, May 2011]

4-year old Art Prodigy, Andrea Aelita, Debuts in NYC Solo Exhibition
Butterfly Nebula 4, Acrylic & Mixed Media on Canvas, 24" x 60" x 4.5" NEW YORK, NY - Chelsea’s Agora Gallery is proud to present 4 year old artist Aelita Andre in The Prodigy of Color, a solo exhibition . Scheduled to run from June 4, 2011 through June 25, 2011, the collection will display the depth and texture of Aelita’s unique works. Art lovers ...
[Lee Eagle] - [Art Announcement] - [Thursday 5th, May 2011]

All New June Exhibitions
Rina Shukor, Cold, Mixed Media on Canvas, 10" x 20" For Immediate Release NEW YORK, NY - Refresh your mind and your eyes with the June exhibitions at Agora Gallery, open from June 4-25, 2011. The opening reception takes place on Thursday June 9, 2011 and all art enthusiasts are warmly invited to attend. There are three exhibitions taking place in G...
[Lee Eagle] - [Art Announcement] - [Thursday 5th, May 2011]

International Juried Art Exhibition
The Art Farm Gallery Switzerland is holding an INTERNATIONAL JURIED ART EXHIBITION All informations on: contest/ eng/ contest_main.php The contest’s theme is: « My global warming » - It addresses itself to painters and draftsmen/ women, using the following media : Pencil (graphite) on paper Water colors (aquarelle) on paper Oil an...
[christian Gysler] - [Art Announcement] - [Wednesday 4th, May 2011]

Aramu Francesco Mostra Internazionale d'Arte Contemporanea
ARAMU francesco pittore partecipa con 3 opere alla mostra internazionale di Bruge. Le tre opere sono significative del percorso artistico del M° Aramu: "Il muro", opera presentata alla mostra in Germania nel 1988 "Salpiente, le stanze metafisiche" 1997 e "RAQAMA" 1992/ 2000 ultimo approdo artistico, percorso filosofico/ spirituale del Maestro....
[M° Francesco Aramu pittore] - [Art Announcement] - [Monday 2nd, May 2011]

AFRA CANALI HA IL PIACERE DI PRESENTARE LA MOSTRA INTERNAZIONALE NOIR et BLANCE MADI vernissage 5 MRAZO 2011 ore 18.30 molti artisti saranno presenti 5 marzo - 30 aprile Arden Quin Carmelo | Bensasson Roger | Bertolio Angelo | Besse Joel | Binet Dominique | Bolivar Bormaund Gael | Branchet Jean | Caceres Martìn | Caceres Pepe | Caruso Sandina | C...
[Kanaldiarte] - [Art Announcement] - [Tuesday 5th, April 2011]

All You Need Is Love exhibition Expressions Gallery
Harry Weisburd is exhibiting 4 paintings, "All You Need Is Love' exhibition, Expressions Gallery, Berkeley, Californa, January 15 --March 25, 2011,Gallery hours Wednesday- Saturday, Noon-5 PM Website:
[Harry Weisburd] - [Thursday 24th, March 2011]

All New Exhibitions at Agora Gallery
For Immediate Release NEW YORK, NY - Agora Gallery’s May exhibitions will put a spring in your step and add freshness to your day. In Gallery I, marvel at the works in Out From Down Under & Beyond: Fine Art From Australia and New Zealand . Showing considerable flexibility and experimentation in colors, style and theme, these works are the product o...
[Lee Eagle] - [Art Announcement] - [Thursday 24th, March 2011]

Weisburd Featurd Artist, Musetouch Arts Magazine, Oct.,2010
Harry Weisburd, Featured Artist, Musetouch Arts Magazine, October , 2010. Facebook and Website:
[Harry Weisburd] - [Art site] - [Saturday 19th, March 2011]

Weisburd exhibits "All You Need Is Love" Expressions Gallery
Harry Weisburd exhibiting paintings in "All You Need Is Love" , Expressions Gallery, 2035 Ashby Avenue, cross street, Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley,Ca. Exhibition ends March 25, 2011
[Harry Weisburd] - [Art Announcement] - [Saturday 19th, March 2011]

The New York Optimist Magazine, Harry Weisburd, Featured Artist
Harry Weisburd, Featured Artist, The New York Optimist Arts magazine, October 15 -22, 2010 issue Available on Facebook. Website:
[Harry Weisburd] - [Art Announcement] - [Saturday 19th, March 2011]

The Persistence of Color: Lynda Pogue / a Solo Exhibition
NEW YORK, NY - Chelsea’s Agora Gallery is proud to present The Persistence of Color: Lynda Pogue, a solo exhibition . Scheduled to run from March 25, 2011 through April 15, 2011, the collection will display Lynda’s inspirational works. Award-winning Canadian artist Lynda Pogue combines a deep personal passion with all the emotionality and energy th...
[Lee Eagle] - [Art Gallery] - [Sunday 6th, March 2011]

Colores del Corazón: Marcela Cadena / a Solo Exhibition
NEW YORK, NY - This March, experience Colores del Corazón, a solo exhibition displaying the works of Marcela Cadena at Agora Gallery. Mexican artist Marcela Cadena delves into her rich cultural heritage to produce dazzling works of art full of robust colors and enthralling emotions. To appreciate one of her pieces is to interact with the artist her...
[Lee Eagle] - [Tuesday 1st, March 2011]

4 марта 2011 года в 18.00 «НЕ КВАДРАТ – ИНАЯ РЕАЛЬНОСТЬ»
«НЕ КВАДРАТ - ИНАЯ РЕАЛЬНОСТЬ» Российская академия художеств Творческий союз художников России Творческая студия «DAVIDGROUP» представляют выставочно-издательский проект «НЕ КВАДРАТ - ИНАЯ РЕАЛЬНОСТЬ» Экспрессивный абстракционизм второй половины XX - начала XXI вв. Открытие выставки и презентация книги состоится 4 марта в 18.00 в залах Галереи иску...
[David Ru] - [Art Announcement] - [Thursday 24th, February 2011]

All New Spring Exhibitions at Agora Gallery
Kelly Hunt, Flow, Digital Print on Canvas, 40" x 27" For Immediate Release NEW YORK, NY - Agora Gallery welcomes an ever-popular exhibition to Gallery I this month, presenting the full glory and complexity of fine art photography in Altered States of Reality: an Exhibition of Analog and Digital Fine Art Photography . Subtle yet clear-eyed, these ar...
[Lee Eagle] - [Art Gallery] - [Monday 21st, February 2011]

Expo St-Lucasgilde & Partners
Paul Gosselin put tentoon on Expo St-Lucasgilde & Partners from England,France and Germanie in The Heritage House (Erfgoedhuis),O.L.Vrouwstraat 45 of 23 april up to 8 may 2011 in Kortrijk (Belgium).
[Paul Gosselin] - [Art Announcement] - [Sunday 20th, February 2011]

Call for Art - February's Theme "Animals" - Apply Now
Call for Art - February's Theme "Animals" - Apply Now Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery presents a Juried Competition, in which 2D artists from around the world are called upon to make online submissions for the theme “Animals” for inclusion into the March 2011 online group exhibition. Light Space & Time encourages entries from all 2D artists r...
[John R. Math] - [Art Gallery] - [Wednesday 9th, February 2011]

Liz Studios - Affordable Striking and Vibrant Fine Art
Liz Studios - Affordable Striking and Vibrant Fine Art Liz Stine is a new up and coming artist in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She was born in Recife, Brazil and lived there until 1998. This area, in the eastern most part of South America, is full of beautiful beaches, tropical weather, and some of the most expressive culture in the world. These cultural influ...
[Liz Studios] - [Artist site] - [Tuesday 8th, February 2011]

Contemporary Art at Agora Gallery
Amalia Gil-Merino , Idols and Slaves , Oil on Canvas, 79" x 39" NEW YORK, NY - Agora Gallery continues to celebrate the spring season with a new series of exhibitions that are guaranteed to brighten your day. Admire the talent of contemporary German artists in Contemporary German Art: The New York Experience , get in touch with your love of life wi...
[Lee Eagle] - [Art Gallery] - [Monday 7th, February 2011]

Agora Gallery Presents an All New International Exhibition
Agora Gallery is spreading the spring feeling this March as three new exhibitions bring a sense of freshness and possibility to the gallery. Morphing into Milieu and Singular Sensations express a sense of joyful confidence in the beauty of the world and its value, displaying the work of artists who address reality in a courageous and innovative way...
[Lee Eagle] - [Art News] - [Sunday 23rd, January 2011]

"ARTEDELVALLE" Luisa Estela del Valle Mañez, Ver su OBRA en, ofrece, pinturas y servicios en GESTIÓN CULTURAL. Mail. FACEBOOCK-TWITER. UN SALUDO A TODOS, desde Talca-Chile, de Estela del Valle Mañez Estela del Valle Maez.- (Velas).jpg
[Luisa Estela] - [Artist site] - [Thursday 20th, January 2011]

Weisburd, Featured Artist, The New York Optimist Art Magazine
Harry Weisburd, Featured Artist, "The New York Optimist" Art Magazine. Nov 15- 22, 2010
[Harry Weisburd] - [Art Announcement] - [Tuesday 11th, January 2011]

Langdonart special exhibition small paintings
To is your special in vitation to discover to-day 2 different landscapes in each Langdonart painting! Exhibition of small paintings by Artiste Langdonart and other Painters now for only $150.00 + - each till January 18th 2011 at the studio-art gallery ExpressionArt l'atelier-galerie d'Emmanuel Claudais, 82 boulevard de la Concorde Est, Laval, Quebe...
[Artiste Langdonart] - [Art Announcement] - [Saturday 8th, January 2011]

All You Need Is Love
Harry Weisburd is exhibiting 4 new paintings in the new exhibition, "All You Need Is Love" at the Expressions Gallery, 2035 Ashby Avenue, Berkeley,Ca., January 15, 2011 - March 25, 2011. Website:
[Harry Weisburd] - [Art Announcement] - [Saturday 8th, January 2011]

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[Lee Eagle] - [Art Announcement] - [Thursday 30th, December 2010]

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[Lee Eagle] - [Art Announcement] - [Friday 17th, December 2010]

Prize award Salento Porta d'Oriente 2010
British artist, Ann Dunbar was doubly honoured in Italy with two awards in recognition for her artistic accomplishments. The cultural association "Italia in arte", presented her with the International art award"David Michael-Angelo 2010 Prize and the special human rights award"Salvo d'Aquisto 2010". These two prizes are awarded to personalities wor...
[Ann dunbar] - [Art News] - [Monday 13th, December 2010]

Artists Haven Gallery Christmas Party to bennifit Toys for Tots!
WE CORDIALLY INVITE YOU AND YOUR GUESTS TO JOIN US FOR A EVENING OF GOOD CHEER, FUN, ART, AND CHARITY! "ARTISTS HAVEN GALLERY" CHRISTMAS PARTY SATURDAY, DECEMBER 18, 6- 9PM This is the most wonderful time of year to come out and celebrate with us. Come and enjoy complimentary WINE and CHAMPAGNE all evening, delicious food catered MICHELLE'S RESTAUR...
[Randi] - [Art Announcement] - [Monday 13th, December 2010]

Celebrate the Holidays with Art at Agora Gallery
Celebrate the holidays with Agora Gallery’s new four part exhibition. Gallery I will feature the vibrant and stunning work of artists from the world over. Gallery II will exhibit the fine art of VéroniKaH. Fully in tune with their cultural heritage, the artists in the Odyssey Within bring a contemporary approach to their art, with results that will...
[Joyce Asper] - [Art Gallery] - [Thursday 18th, November 2010]

Extraordinary Art at NYC's Agora Gallery this November
Ping He, Partner, Acrylic on Canvas, 26" x 20" Agora Gallery will kick off the new season with four new exhibitions starting on November 23, 2010 and continuing until December 14, 2010, with an opening reception on December 2, 2010. Gallery II will showcase the newest and most personal sculptures of the famous Lego® brick artist Nathan Sawaya. Whil...
[Joyce Asper] - [Art Gallery] - [Wednesday 3rd, November 2010]

Visual & contemporary artist
Mahmoud Menaysy VISUAL & CONTEMPORARY ARTIST AND CURATOR E-mail : Links : Birth date: 16/ 3/ 1970 Name: Mahmoud Family name: Abdelhamid Artist name: Mahmoud Menaysy Place of birth: Alexandria - Egypt Languages: Italian, English, Arabic Jobs Director of Public Art Adminis...
[Menaysy] - [Artist site] - [Friday 22nd, October 2010]