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Fifth International Biennial of Contemporary ArtFifth International Biennia...
Valeriy Mavlo has been selected to take part in the Fifth International Biennial of Contemporary Art, which is due to take place from 3 December to 11 December 2005 in the exhibition space of the Fortezza da Basso in Florence, Italy.
[Valeriy Mavlo] - [News] - [Monday 19th, September 2005]

Kristin Abraham's Open Studio- A SUCCESS!
Over two days, fine artist, Kristin Abraham sold five original canvas pieces and several original drawings. Guests also walked away with a free signed print of a displayed piece. Kristin admits that even with her work displayed in Venice gallery, Art...
[Kristin Abraham] - [Exhibition] - [Monday 5th, September 2005]

Comunicato stampa MOSTRA : “ ww.plot.@rt.europa ”. Collettiva di 170 artisti contemporanei. SEDI EUROPEE : Atene Dot Galerie , Diest (Belgio) Galerie Art Diest , Espinho (Portogallo) Centro Multimeios de Espinho , Lugano Fondazione Carlo Molineris Ma...
[Stefano Elena] - [Exhibition] - [Friday 16th, September 2005]

Hand-Painted Chocolate, Hand-Painted Canvas
When local chocolate artist supports local starving artist, no one goes hungry. On August 26th and 27th, 2005, visual artist,Kristin Abraham, invited the community into her Lehigh Acres, FL studio. Visitors from Naples, Fort Myers, Lehigh, Cape Coral...
[Kristin Abraham] - [Exhibition] - [Friday 2nd, September 2005]

[ANTONIETTA CAMPILONGO] - [Expositions] - [Thursday 1st, September 2005]

Wholesales of oil paintings reproduction
we supply musuem quality oil paintings reproduction with the best price, welcome to visit our website:
[hugo] - [English] - [Tuesday 30th, August 2005]

have to see my paintings
Greetings from Nepal! Recently got this website and i want people to see my paintings. Coz i am from a poor country I dont have any major exhibitions comming up. Being a Tibetan but sad enough i am living in Nepal. Please do write comments on my pain...
[Tenzxy TRT] - [News] - [Saturday 27th, August 2005]

Salone storico, Terme Excelsior Viale Verdi, 61 - Montecatini Terme (PT) lun- sab 9.00-20.00 / dom 9.00-14.00 ingresso libero Non è per un semplice caso che la mostra itinerante UNCHARTED TERRITORIES - PAOLO RIANI - PER TERRITORI SCONOS...
[Daniela Bonanni] - [Exhibition] - [Friday 22nd, July 2005]

Modern art by Cecilia Nocetti
At Cecilia Nocetti s Art site you will find all her latest creations. Please feel free to explore this art exibition. Please contact the artist for further comments on her work or in case you want to adquire some piece of art.
[cecilia nocetti] - [Exhibition] - [Friday 19th, August 2005]

New Series - "Inhibitions"
Artist's Commentary The "Inhibitions" series is based entirely on feelings of vulnerability and emotional confinement. The female figure humanizes the painting, while her nudity symbolizes vulnerability. The coloring of the figure contributes to the ...
[Kristin Abraham] - [News] - [Tuesday 26th, July 2005]

ARTROM Gallery DIGITALLY 2005 Art Competition
DEADLINE AUGUST 15 ARTROM Gallery, Rome, Italy Call for artists: DIGITALLY 2005 - International juried on-line art , ARTROM Gallery focuses on supporting initiatives which help promote artists and their creative research, through competitions, exhibi...
[ARTROM Gallery] - [Exhibition] - [Monday 25th, July 2005]

Call for Artists - Toronto, Canada
Painting, Mixed-Media and Sculpture. Any subject matter. Artist may exhibit up to three pieces of work. All jury fees will go directly to Greenpeace Canada. Artists keep any proceeds for work they sell during the show. For submission forms please ema...
[Ian] - [Other] - [Saturday 23rd, July 2005]

Gift from God
If you are in Ottawa, please visit my exhibition from August 2 to August 31, 2005 at the Ottawa Public Library Main Library 120 Metcalfe Ottawa ON K1P 5M2 InfoService (613) 236-0303 Hours: Monday - Thursday 10am – 9pm Friday 10am – 6pm Saturday 10am ...
[Cynthia Xia] - [Expositions] - [Tuesday 2nd, August 2005]

People Portrait And Sketches from your photo
People Portrait And Sketches from your photo People's portraits are personalised for any special someone like spouse, family member, friend, your boss or even yourself! Drawing people is one of my specialty. A good photograph is all that is required ...
[Bredereck Inna] - [Invitation] - [Friday 15th, July 2005]

artist looking for a dealer
Ivan de Monbrison, painter and sculptor, living in Paris, looking for an agent, dealer or art gallery to promote his work. website: blackowl e-mail:
[Ivan de Monbrison] - [News] - [Monday 11th, July 2005]

Enter The Studio Of Kristin Abraham
ARTIST: Kristin Abraham DATES: August 26th - August 27th, 2005 Fri., August 26th, 5-10 pm Sat, August - 27th,10-7 pm LOCATION: Abraham Studios 4015 10th St. West, Lehigh Acres, FL 33971 CONTACT: (239) 275-7361 ww. kristinab...
[Kristin Abraham] - [Exhibition] - [Saturday 2nd, July 2005]

Farenheit in Multicolor
Dan Dobson will be participating in the group show Farenheit in Multicolor at ArtFusion Galleries 1NE 40th Street Miami Florida Show runs from July 8 to September 30 All new artworks by 33 international artists.
[Dan Dobson] - [Exhibition] - [Friday 8th, July 2005]

Cisca van Veelen
Cisca van Veelen has been selected to take part in the Fifth International Biennial of Contemporary Art, which is due to take place from 3 December to 11 December 2005 in the exhibition space of the Fortezza da Basso in Florence, Italy. For more info...
[Cisca van Veelen] - [Exhibition] - [Sunday 4th, December 2005]

Fractal Art by Lydia Bisanti
If you are in New York City, please visit my exhibition until July 26, 2005 at the Restaurant CASSIS on Stone 52 Stone Street, New York, NY 1004 tel. 212-425-3663 Tempest For more information, please e-mail
[Lydia Bisanti] - [Exhibition] - [Tuesday 26th, April 2005]

unfashionable fashion
It is great ohnour from gedunchophel artists' giuld to announce it's 2005 exhibition of 17 artiast who live in lhasa.all 17 artist can be very unfashionable in the sense that they don't follow fasionable trends of either national or international art...
[tsering nyandak] - [Exhibition] - [Monday 20th, June 2005]

Market place,Rome church,
Biography of Cynthia Xia Rome Church Rattan Down Home Dignity
[Cynthia Xia] - [English] - [Friday 10th, June 2005]

Magrit Prigge Art
You can now see my artwork on the following website:
[Magrit Prigge] - [English] - [Thursday 9th, June 2005]

Spirit of Life
Running from 19-05-05 till 19-06-05, you still have a chance to see the unique and haunting collection of paintings by Merlin Glozier . ‘ Apocalyptic Primavera’ is darkly twisted interpretation of Botticelli’s Masterpiece. The next exhibition is ‘Spi...
[Florence Fine Art- Barry Sack] - [Exhibition] - [Friday 24th, June 2005]

La Magie LangdonArt
Le Musée AOAV presents paintings by Artiste LangdonArt under the theme La Magie LangdonArt (Magic by LangdonArt), at La Galerie Le 1040, at 1040 Marie-Anne Street, (near St-Denis Street, between Rachel and nearer Mont-Royal Street), from June 28th to...
[Artiste LangdonArt] - [Exhibition] - [Thursday 2nd, June 2005]

Titolo : " CITY INTRIGUE " Genere : collettiva di quattro artisti contemporanei Periodo : 7 - 25 Giugno 2005 Luogo : Signatures Gallery LTD - 38 Duke Street , St. James’s, London , SW1Y 6DF . UK Orario : Martedì - Venerdì h. 10,30 - 17,30 - Sabato 11...
[ANTONIETTA CAMPILONGO] - [Expositions] - [Tuesday 7th, June 2005]

ID. Comunicato stampa Mercoledì 1 giugno , alle 19.30, inaugura a Roma presso i nuovi ambienti del Granma adiacenti a Via dei Coronari la mostra ID., tripla personale composta da fotografie, video, installazioni di Simone Giovagnorio, Benedetta Panis...
[Stefano Elena] - [Exhibition] - [Wednesday 1st, June 2005]

Alegorias collection
Alegorias collection By Hernando Rico Sanchez. Traveling through time the expression of violence has been changed or almost gets a mimetic form in our society, who evolve in common actions or in some cases social bleeding. Using this as an idea my wo...
[Hernando rico sanchez] - [Expositions] - [Monday 16th, May 2005]

Santo subito colection by blubark
For immediate release Santo Subito The new Collection By Blubark Art Group Please follwo the link @/ blubark and enjoy Santo Subito Collection a digital abstraction and portrait of Jhon Poul II. For more information Contact us at...
[Blubark art group ] - [English] - [Saturday 14th, May 2005]

dal 26 marzo al 13 maggio 2005 Galleria Astuni - Pietrasanta (LU) P.zza Duomo, 37 - ingresso libero - Centro Culturale “Luigi Russo” Pietrasanta (LU) Via S. Agostino, 1 – ingresso libero A cura di Gianni R...
[Daniela Bonanni] - [Exhibition] - [Saturday 26th, March 2005]

Original Abstract Figurative Paintings
Sie koennen auch eigene meine kleine zeitgenoessische gemaelde bei kaufen: Martina- Art-Original-Paintings Inoltre ho alcune aste su dove potete comprare le mie piccole pitture acriliche - stores.ebay.c...
[Friday 29th, April 2005]

Michelle ODELIN au 116éme SALON des INDEPENDANTS
Michelle ODELIN UN IMAGINAIRE INSOLENT Un graphisme fantasque, inventif, des compositions complexes, riches de symboles, de signes, un manifeste qui remplit l’espace à sa façon, des couleurs qui éclatent.. Voilà l’univers pictural de Michelle ODELIN ...
[Claudio Gorreri Art Promoter] - [Expositions] - [Saturday 23rd, April 2005]

PARIS - 116 ème Salon des Artistes Indépendants
Tel un immense navire de 5.500 m 2, le Salon des Artistes Indépendants a jeté l’ancre, vendredi 22 avril, à l’Espace Champerret avec ses 800 passagers, tous peintres ou sculpteurs. Historique depuis 1884, ce Salon est aussi ouvert à l’Art d’aujourd’h...
[Claudio Gorreri] - [Expositions] - [Saturday 23rd, April 2005]

Contemporary Icons
[CALADAN GALLERY] - [Exhibition] - [Sunday 1st, May 2005]

Si inaugura sabato 7 maggio alle 19.00 , presso la Galleria Desireé, la collettiva “ The Witch Project ”. La mostra, composta esclusivamente da opere di artiste (“… un International Witch Project, considerata l’origine geografica delle artiste coinvo...
[Stefano Elena] - [Exhibition] - [Saturday 7th, May 2005]

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[national gallery] - [Exhibition] - [Wednesday 23rd, February 2005]

Communauté artistique francophone en ligne!
Une nouvelle communauté artistique essentiellement francophone a été créée pour accueillir tous les artistes, modèles et amateurs d'art qui désirent: . échanger idées et information . présenter leurs travaux pour commentaires . annoncer leurs activit...
[Diane Caron] - [News] - [Monday 18th, April 2005]

Florence Biennale
Barbara Kolo's artwork will be included in the "Biennale Internazionale dell'Arte Contemporanea" in Florence, Italy December 3rd - 11th 2005. The fifth addition of the Florence Biennale will take place in the historical Fortezza da Brasso. It is Euro...
[Barbara Kolo] - [Exhibition] - [Thursday 14th, April 2005]

The Dream People April/May 2005: Art by Keith Wigdor
The new issue of The Dream People is now online at, featuring the art of the surrealist, Keith Wigdor. This is the new April/ May 2005 issue, "Mutating Angels" which is now live online!
[Keith Wigdor] - [News] - [Saturday 2nd, April 2005]

New book in French: "Communiquer par l'images"
JUST PUBLISHED New book on how to communicate through pictures in French "Communiquer par l'images" by French author Alain Joannes, Paris It was presented at "Salon du Livre" in Paris, France on 10 March 2005. Chapter about Asbjorn Lonvig (presented ...
[Asbjorn Lonvig] - [News] - [Sunday 27th, March 2005]

Window of My World
3439 Knox Place, Suite 1A Bronx , New York 10467 Contact: Jose Rios Phone: (718) 671-5281 Contact: Dr. Gelabert Phone: (212) 874-7188 For Immediate Release Jose Rios invites you to peek through his windows this April. Rios opens his third solo art ex...
[Jose F Rios] - [Exhibition] - [Tuesday 19th, April 2005]