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Davide Puma in Rebirth - International solo exhibition, Osaka
Osaka,October 22nd 2015 Italian Culture Institute of Osaka and MAG Gallery present REBIRTH Davide Puma’s solo show Curated by Stefano Fossati and Salvatore Marsiglione Opening: Knowledge Theater, Grand Front Osaka Saturday December 5th at 12.00pm From December 5th to December 18th 2015 info Como : +39 3287521463 info...
[MAG Gallery] - [Art Announcement] - [Tuesday 1st, December 2015]

Our Challenged Planet
OUR CHALLENGED PLANET, Art Exhibition, Berkeley Central Arts Passage, downtown Berkeley, Theatre district, 2055 Center Street, Berkeley , California, Nov 21, 2015--Feb 5, 2016. Harry Weisburd is exhibiting paintings concerning the CALIFORNIA DROUGHT. TOP ROW : Dam Full, 2011, Dam Empty, 2015 BOTTOM ROW :Left side: River Under Bridge, 2011, Right si...
[Harry Weisburd] - [Art Announcement] - [Thursday 26th, November 2015]

Nathalie Ragoust’s paintings
Nathalie Ragoust was born in Doullens in the Somme. She always liked paintings as long as she can remember. Her painting can be naive, sought, sometimes more technical. Every painting of Nathalie Ragoust is unique and full of strong energy, which you can feel just from the first look at it. The painting “The winter castle” depicts forest and castle...
[MJ] - [Art News] - [Tuesday 17th, November 2015]

Max Papeschi - From Hiroshima with Love
Como, November 3rd 2015 MAG, Tomo Gallery and the Italian Culture Institute of Osaka present Max Papeschi - From Hiroshima with Love Max Papeschi’s #mostradiffusa Curated by Salvatore Marsiglione, Tomoharu Aoyama and Stefano Fossati. Openings: Kyoto on Friday November 20th at 7.00pm Gallery Tomo : 1F Aoyama BLD 633 Shimogoryomaecho Nakagyo-ku Kyoto...
[MAG] - [Art Announcement] - [Friday 6th, November 2015]

Max Papeschi - La Société du Spectacle
Como, November 3rd 2015 MAG, Tomo Gallery and the Italian Culture Institute of Osaka present Max Papeschi - La Société du Spectacle Max Papeschi’s #mostradiffusa Curated by Salvatore Marsiglione, Tomoharu Aoyama and Stefano Fossati. Openings: Osaka on Wednesday November 18th at 6.00pm Istituto Italiano di Cultura : Nakanoshima Festival Tower 17F, N...
[Marsiglione Salvatore] - [Art Announcement] - [Friday 6th, November 2015]

The Physical and the Temporal: Two Shows at Agora Gallery of Form & Context
Carolina Brave. Untitled LA 01. Acrylic on Canvas. 39.5"x39.5" In two exhibitions at Agora Gallery, The Persistence of Form and The Manifestation of Milieu , we are forced to contemplate both our individuality and what ties us to the world around us. In The Persistence of Form, a talented collection of painters and sculptors combine efforts to expl...
[Maria Stella] - [Art News] - [Tuesday 3rd, November 2015]

Water, Water, Water
Water, Water Water, Exhibition , California Drought. Expressions Gallery, Berkeley, California Harry Weisburd, member is exhibiting painting "Dam 2011 , Full, Dam 2015 , Empty .
[Harry Weisburd] - [Art Announcement] - [Monday 2nd, November 2015]

Purificación Taboada‘s pintings
Although artistic concerns of Purificación Taboada emerged at an early age, her foray into the world of paintings was late. After making several specialized courses on painting, she decided to continue learning alone. Her paintings reflect her personality, intense and full of strength, and through them she tries to show her emotions. Her artistic i...
[Lily] - [Art News] - [Thursday 29th, October 2015]

Martine Palisse’s paintings
Martine Palisse was born in 1949 and exhibit her work since 2003. After a period acrylic, now she prefers oil, its ritual and magic, using alternately knives, flat brushes, her fingers and "brushes 3 hairs ". Martine Palisse paintings evoke the viewer's admiration, striking a riot of colors and brightness. They really fascinate us, so you want bend...
[Alice] - [Art Gallery] - [Tuesday 13th, October 2015]

Three Shows at Agora Gallery Question Expression and Interpretation
Jacob Södergren . Suspicious Acrylic on Canvas 45.5" x 35" This November, Agora Gallery will introduce three new exhibitions that question how we see ourselves and the world around us. Illumination: An Exhibition of Fine Art Photography focuses on the potential for photography to confront and engage us in a vast, complicated, and very real world. I...
[Elizabeth Duker-Gold] - [Art News] - [Wednesday 7th, October 2015]

Nicole Virtue’s pictures
Look at this simple but beautiful picture of Nicole Virtue "Orange (Sunrise at Percé in Gaspesie Quebec)". What do you feel? In my opinion, the first emotion is infinite calm. There are things that you can watch forever, and sunrise - one of the same things. This work vividly shows the feelings and emotions associated with the sunrise. The sky is s...
[Nikky] - [Art Gallery] - [Monday 5th, October 2015]

Mostra internazionale Infiniti Paesaggi di Antonio Pedretti
Como, 22 settembre 2015 La galleria MAG, la Gallery Tomo e l’Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Osaka presentano Infiniti paesaggi (Il paesaggio nella tradizione di Antonio Pedretti) Progetto internazionale simultaneo di Antonio Pedretti a cura di Salvatore Marsiglione, Tomoharu Aoyama e Stefano Fossati. Inaugurazioni: Como venerdì 16 ottobre ore 18:0...
[MAG] - [Art Announcement] - [Saturday 3rd, October 2015]

Marie Christine Legeay’s paintings
Marie Christine Legeay was born in a small village in South Boischaut and now lives in the Loire river valley. She is self-educated painter since ten years and takes part in local regional and international exposures. About her paintings&hellip Wow, they are really soulful. Do you like flowers? But who does not like them ... in the painting "Vase ...
[NC] - [Art Gallery] - [Wednesday 30th, September 2015]

Iris Grover’s paintings
Iris Grover was born in Pemberton New Jersey in 1948. She began drawing at a very young age. Her love for life and the colors in nature helped refine her drawing and painting skills. Most of her work before now was done for churches. She now lives in Fla and spends most of her time between her animals and paintings. She is really talented, her pain...
[Chloe] - [Art News] - [Wednesday 23rd, September 2015]

Three Exciting New Shows in New York City This October
Brenda Ness-Cooper.Japanese Geisha. Watercolor on Board.18"x14" This October, three exciting shows make their way to Agora Gallery in a display of international talent and perspective. Beyond Borders: an Exhibition of Fine Art from Canada brings a great diversity and originality from our northern neighbors to New York in a show that pushes and expa...
[Elizabeth Duker-Gold] - [Art News] - [Sunday 20th, September 2015]

Celebrity Grand Gala Reception
Silver Screen Artists is much more than just a gallery. It is a conduit for the celebrity and musician to showcase another side of their talent through art. whether the medium is painting, drawing or sculpture, these artists are not limited to just one form of creativity. You and your guests are cordially invited to join is Saturday, October 3, 201...
[Sarah Emmets] - [Art Announcement] - [Thursday 17th, September 2015]

Angelo Tremblay’s paintings
Angelo Tremblay is really talented artist, his works are fascinating! The brightness of the colors, sharp sweeping strokes, free style of drawing - all this makes the works of the artist's unique and alive. He draws with the fingers, it is quite unusual, and the result is truly amazing. Undoubtedly, Angelo Tremblay is a bright landscape painter, ab...
[NC] - [Art Gallery] - [Thursday 17th, September 2015]

Works of Sylvain Aimetti
Sylvain Aimetti born in 1962, painting and drawing - his old passion. With his recent works he is trying to give and share emotions with color. In his painting “Sun of winter ” landscape of nature convey the thin invisible line that separates man from nature. Light feeling of loneliness contrasts with the simple beauty of nature. Picture reflects t...
[Lora] - [Art News] - [Tuesday 15th, September 2015]

special event: Lorenzo Chinnici & David Kent - Milan & London
The Synergy of Sons Lorenzo Chinnici & David Kent Lorenzo Chinnici and David Kent : two artists, two nations, two parallel worlds, meet again after forty years in Milan and London and create the project "The Synergy of Sons." "The Synergy of Sons " is the title of the project born from the passion of two sons of art that, after a random meeting tha...
[FRANCESCO] - [SPAM] - [Friday 11th, September 2015]

An International Celebration of Art at Agora Gallery
Bruno Mitre. Untitled 1. Acrylic and Charcoal on Canvas. 42"x63" This September, two shows open at Agora Gallery that represent the great diversity and excitement in the emerging international art scene. In the exhibition Enigmatic Visions , artists from around the world present abstract and figurative two-dimensional works that use color and compo...
[Elizabeth Duker-Gold] - [Art News] - [Sunday 30th, August 2015]

World of art of Fidel Micó
Fidel Mic ó is a Cuban painter born in Havana, Cuba in 1962. He received formal training at the prestigious Academy of Art “San Alejandro”. This artist has created more than 2 000 landscape paintings between 1980 and 2013, but none of them has been submitted for auction, because collectors and galleries from Cuba, USA, Quatar, Spain, Germany, Italy...
[NC] - [Art News] - [Wednesday 26th, August 2015]

Lizbeth Garcia Perez
Lizbeth Garcia Perez was born on July 16, 1987 in the city of Puebla. She was educated in the city of Puebla, take painting workshops in the recognized Barrio del Artista. Courses museology, curatorship, museology, street art, her interest in art since childhood aroused liked drawing and painting, she knew that art would be her profession and passi...
[NC] - [Art News] - [Friday 21st, August 2015]

Water, Water , Water
Harry Weisburd is exhibiting in the Water, Water Water exhibition, Expressions Gallery, Berkeley, California , USA . Harry is exhbiiting paintings about the California Drought.
[Harry Weisburd] - [Art Gallery] - [Saturday 8th, August 2015]

See Me Group exhibition , Louvre Museum
[Harry Weisburd] - [Art Announcement] - [Saturday 8th, August 2015]

The Many Forms of Art
[Harry Weisburd] - [Art Gallery] - [Saturday 8th, August 2015]

Water, Water , Water
Water, Water Water and the California Drought exhbition , Expressions Gallery, Berkeley , California 94703 representing Harry Weisburd with Drought paintings, July 25-- October 16, 2015
[Harry Weisburd] - [Art Gallery] - [Saturday 8th, August 2015]

See Me Group exhibits at Louvre Museum
[Harry Weisburd] - [Art News] - [Saturday 8th, August 2015]

Gallery Kemang 58 Art Exhibition
Gallery Kemang 58 Art Exhibition Jl.Kemang Raya No 58 Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia Open for Public 6 August 2015 (10.00 AM) Exhibition will be held until 6 September 2015 (8.00 PM) With their various style from Basrizal Albara,Bayu Wardhana,Bambang Pramudiyanto,Budi Ubruk,Erica Hestu, Dunadi,Klowor Waldiyono,Sigit Santoso, wiyono and much more The Ke...
[talentaorganizer] - [Art Announcement] - [Friday 31st, July 2015]

Thierry Ferrand on ArtsCad
Thierry Ferrand is a self-taught artists who devoted 22 years of his life to music, and only then opened his talent for painting. The media he uses is acrylic, but sometimes he experiments with cotton or linen. Thierry’s inspiration for painting were provoked by great public response at local exhibitions. It gave him desire to paint after a long st...
[Juliya] - [Wednesday 29th, July 2015]

Rosi Garita
Rosi Garita was born in Costa Rica and since 1987 she was living in Canada. She is both an artist and a published poet. Rosi Garita’s paintings look like extremely stylized portraits of women. Each figure is richly colored and romantically posed, like the subjects of Gustav Klimt. If you look closer you’ll find that the women’s bodies are actually ...
[Juliya] - [Friday 10th, July 2015]

Anna Maria Crestoni at The International Art Biennale of Palermo
The International Art Biennale of Palermo, designed by Sandro Serradifalco and organized by EA PUBLISHER took place from 11 to 25 February 2015. The exhibition invited international artists from abroad, some Italian masters and the prestigious and exclusive exhibition of by Sandro Serradifalco. The organizers estimated over 9000 visitors for the fi...
[JuliyaK] - [Art News] - [Friday 10th, July 2015]

Anna Maria Crestoni at The International Art Biennale of Palermo
Anna Maria Crestoni at The International Art Biennale of Palermo. The International #Art Biennale of #Palermo, designed by Sandro #Serradifalco and organized by EA PUBLISHER took place from 11 to 25 February 2015. The #exhibition invited #international artists from abroad, some #Italian masters and the prestigious and exclusive exhibition of by San...
[Juliya] - [Art News] - [Friday 10th, July 2015]

An Art-Filled August at Agora Gallery
August comes with two new exciting exhibitions at Agora Gallery. Idiosyncratic Expressions and Interpretative Realms present a collection of artists who turn the art world on its head. In Idiosyncratic Expressions , colors combine in unexpected ways, forms emerge from obscurity, and textures distort scenes into something wholly unique and important...
[Elizabeth Duker-Gold] - [Art News] - [Monday 6th, July 2015]

MAG presents RIGENERATIO GIORGIO CELIBERTI ’ s INSTITUTIONAL SOLO SHOW curated by Salvatore Marsiglione Opening on Thursday, July 2nd at 6.00 pm On e xhibit from July 2nd to August 2nd 2015 SAN PIETRO IN ATRIO Via Odescalchi, 3 Como MAG Via Vitani, 31 Como info: +39 3287521463 With the Patronage of Com...
[MAG] - [Art Announcement] - [Friday 19th, June 2015]

Portrait of Madame de Pompadour
From the June 18-28 at Olympia International Art & Antiques Fair, in London, you have a great opportunity to see the prime copy of the gallant life-size portrait of Madame de Pompadour, the original of which is in Louvre. Nicholas Price, the specialist picture dealer, will offer it for sale. This pastel portrait depicts one of the rarest women who ...
[Svetlana Bazilenko] - [Art Announcement] - [Thursday 18th, June 2015]

Conversations and Color Revolutions: Two New Exhibitions in NYC
Donna Broder. Forest Sunlight. Monotype on Fine Art Paper. 12"x9" This July, Agora Gallery presents two collective exhibitions to re-imagine and reinvigorate the world. Répartie in Art presents the work of international artists as they tackle the concept of “space” and those who occupy it. From landscapes to fragments of a scene, from human or anim...
[Elizabeth Duker-Gold] - [Art News] - [Wednesday 10th, June 2015]

Art&Liberte Mostra D'arte per la beneficenza
Art & Libertè mostra di Vincent Pelonero, Alessandro Avolio, Omar Sandrini e Enrico Tubertini 5 - 13 giugno 2015 Palazzo Velli, Piazza S. Egidio 10 - Roma “ con il patrocinio dell’Assessorato cultura e turismo”. Vernissage venerdì 5 Giugno, h 19.30, con intervento del critico d'arte Alfredo Maria Barbagallo Dal 5 al 13 giugno p.v. presso lo storico...
[Art&Libertè] - [Art News] - [Tuesday 9th, June 2015]

Dmitrii Sinyavsky on
Dimitri Sinyavsky is a talented artist who was born in Rostov in the family of engineers, but very soon he started working in the field of design and graphic art. Each of his masterpiece attracts attention and fascinates with its beauty various pictures of nature and landscapes, still life and fruitpieces attracts the judge of arts' eyes with its ...
[Svetlana Bazilenko] - [Art Announcement] - [Wednesday 20th, May 2015]

Bodies and Spaces: Two Collective Exhibitions at Agora Gallery
Annamaria Cignola. Forgiveness.Oil on Canvas. 40"x30" This June, Agora Gallery will host two collective exhibitions that take on the challenge of redefining figures and spaces through a variety of artistic techniques. The artists featured in the exhibition In Reverie of Form tackle subjects of flora, fauna, and the human body, to examine various ph...
[Elizabeth Duker-Gold] - [Art News] - [Monday 18th, May 2015]

The Many Forms of Art
Harry Weisburd as a member of the Expressions Gallery , 2035 Ashby Ave., Berkeley, California 94703 was invited to exhibit at the "The Many Forms of Art " exhibition at the Berkeley Central Ars Passage, Milvia and Shattuck Ave (Theatre District) Exhibition: April 23 --July 23, 2015. Berkeley, California chosen by city officials. Exhibition dates Ap...
[Harry Weisburd] - [Art Announcement] - [Monday 18th, May 2015]