Artworks of Painter Artist Jean-Christophe Giesbert
[Lily] - [Art Gallery] - [Thursday 10th, March 2016]

Jean-Christophe Giesbert born in Marseilles 9 October 1965. Author of a hundred poems and a first book of fables. Creator of modern graphic works mingled with poetry, "Lyrographies". In these works, the lyrical interacts with the graphics that complement new way. Female beauty and the beauty of the world around is his inspiration. Jean-Christophe Giesbert works with scraper, sponge, pastels or charcoal using color to enhance writing and simple contrasts. Framing beautiful picture with the quatrain makes the style of the artist's unique and memorable.

If you looking for a fresh air, something new in art – you will like his original artworks. Just follow the link and enjoy.

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