The Hitokoma Manga Show The Cartoon Artists of Kyoto Seika University
[Salvatore Marsiglione] - [Art Gallery] - [Thursday 3rd, March 2016]

Como, March 3rd 2016 


MAG and Gallery Tomo




The Hitokoma Manga Show

The Cartoon Artists of Kyoto Seika University



From and idea of Max Papeschi and curated by Salvatore Marsiglione and Tomoharu Aoyama





Thursday March 10th at 7:00pm Gallery MAG Via Vitani, 31 Como.


 On exhibit from March 10th to April 2nd 2016


info Como : +39 3287521463

info Kyoto : +81 075 5854160


With the Patronage of the Consulate General of Japan in Milan

With the Patronage of Kyoto City

With the Patronage of Seika University Kyoto

With the Patronage of  TV Kyoto Broadcasting System 

With the Patronage of the Association Luigi Russolo’s Archive of Como



The partnership between the art galleries MAG of Como and TOMO of Kyoto started in the year 2013, is becoming more and more important and intense, so that the first Italian exhibition of Yukio Shinohara is going to take place. Yukio Shinohara is the most meaningful living Japanese Manga artist and he will exhibit with his best students of Seika University of Kyoto: Takatoshi Okayama, Kana Hashimoto, Tsuyoshi Ogawa and Taro Sakakibara.


The Hitokoma Manga Show

The artists of Kyoto Seika University



The great success of the institutional shows of Italian art in Japan such as the ones dedicated to the important Masters Leonardo da Vinci, Giorgio Morandi and Sandro Botticelli and, in our own small way our exhibits, that were located at the same time in Como, Kyoto and Osaka, dedicated to the contemporary artists Marco Nereo Rotelli, Antonio Pedretti, Max Papeschi and Davide Puma, is a good example of the interest that Japanese people have towards the Italian culture, but also a proof of deep friendship between two Countries which are so different each other but which have been also so close during history; 2016 is in effect also the year of the 150° anniversary of the diplomatic and commercial relationships between Italy and Japan.


The Hitokoma Manga Show is the first exhibit that from Tomo Gallery of Kyoto comes to MAG Gallery in Como, our goal is the diffusion and knowing of the authentic Japanese Manga culture , which is not only linked to cartoons’ world but which encompasses the everyday life of all the people. It actually has an European DNA because the famous cartoonist Georges Bigot (1860- 1927) who  moved very young to Japan, greatly influenced the development of the Manga and Anime culture through his descriptive illustration and caricature of those times.


Hitokoma Art is a style developped by Prof. Yukio Shinohara, the most famous living Japanese manga artist, professor at the Seika University of Kyoto and the only Nipponese representative of the magazine Charlie Hebdo, sadly protagonist of the Islamic hate during the terrorist attack in Paris last year.


Hitokoma Art is a neologism created by Prof. Yukio Shinohara, it comes from the words Hitoko meaning “for the people” Manga “ cartoon/comic strip” and Art. Hitokoma Art’s artworks are usually drawn by pen and then colored with watercolors, but we have chosen also some works painted with acrili colors on canvas or paper .

In Hitokoma style you find humour, cynism, enigma and comparison with reality; but it is the encounter point between the spectator and the artwork which is the real protagonist, between two points of view, both  respected in their own entirety.


Seika University of Kyoto was  the first institution in the world to establish a Manga course that is nowadays held by Prof. Yukio Shinohara. The University  co-operates  with Kyoto International Manga Museum, giving a big meaning to the research and to the preservation, it widens museum’s own collection and invests in exhibitions, considered to be important mass communication medias.

Education’s philosophy of this university is free and indipendent, in 2000 they invited Tenzin Gyasto, the XIV Dalai Lama for a conference about Religion and Art and expression’s essence. They organized “Cumulus” in Kyoto in 2007, the convention of the 200 best schools and universities in the world for design, the same one was later made also by the Politecnico University of Milan in 2015.


In Como we show the artworks by some of their best former students, young graduates and already professional; without any doubt the future of the Japanese artists in this matter: Taro Sakakibara, Tsuyoshi Ogawa, Takatoshi Okayama and Kana Hashimoto. They have already been revolving around TOMO Gallery which is specialized in finding young emerging artists to focus on.

Our exhibition will present  the Japan Urban perspectives by Taro Sakakibara who describes through a cartoon bubble,an everyday scenery with sarcasm and hyper realistic detail, Tsuyoshi Ogawa who ironically shows us Sumo wrestlers’ world, the ancient and rare discipline of the Japanese wrestling; Takatoshi Okayama instead immortalizes old times scenes in traditional images of men, women, warriors and religious persons’s life linked to the age when Japan was closed and isolated, but he does it with melancholy, pride and serenity and Kana Hashimoto with her artworks where nature is sign and shape, flowers, fruits and animals weave together and create harmonies of colors. 


In the Japanese religion of Shinto it is believed that Gods are part of every single natural element, they are in the sky, ground, mountains, rivers etc, etc and the typical “wa”  attitude always respects the views of the others. You must always be careful not to hurt someone unexpectedly and to have no misunderstandings. The essence of Hitokoma Art  together  with satire spirit and Manga culture makes you feel the pleasure of interpreting the hidden humour.



Tomoharu Aoyama e Salvatore Marsiglione

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