Alain Larivière’s paintings
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Alain Larivière born in 1959 in Wallonia in southern Belgium. At the age of 11 years Alain Larivière alias ALARI discovered the drawing during a long convalescence.
His studies and his professional life in the financial field will not predestined at all to art, but to each event of his life, he took refuge in the drawing... which he did in 2001 when loss his work.
Given the general enthusiasm for portraits in pencil and charcoal he realizes he is aware of the time he lost and decided to create his first blog in December 2006. Although he took as another artist who organized exposure discovered through this and invited to exhibit in October 2007.

His portraits are vivid and bright. In each picture we can see a person's character, because the artist accurately conveys the small details of every person’s character. It's really wonderful, look at his gallery and see with your own eyes -

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