Desolation 1.16.5


Desolation is a mod adding a new biome to Minecraft that you can explore and that does not lack danger. Indeed, this biome is simply a forest that has been consumed by flames. All that’s left is dead wood and ashes floating in the air. If you feel like it, you’ll have to be careful when exploring, as you may come across two new hostile creatures. Also, proper equipment will be needed to explore this forest, especially since the environment will inflict damage on you.

Desolation features

  • A new biome: the charred forest, which has several variants.
  • Two new monsters: the Ash Scuttler and the Blackened.
  • A new wood type, Charred Wood, and all its associated blocks.
  • New useful resources to collect, including ash and ash fruit.
  • New protective gear (masks and goggles).
  • A new powerful potion to prepare.


  • Charred Wood: A variation of the log that drops pieces of coal when you destroy it.
  • Charred earth
  • Charred branches
  • Ash burl
  • Ash block
  • Charcoal Block
  • Ember Block: Inflicts damage to the player as a block of magma when stepped on and can ignite it. It drops charcoal when destroyed.
  • Cooled Ember Block
  • Ash Plant
  • Burnt clump
  • Author : Raltsmc & y4z0n
  • Minecraft version : 1.15.2 – 1.16.5
  • Mod version: 1.1.0
  • Minecraft API : Fabric & Forge
  • Last update : 12/03/2021

Download Desolation

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