Carrots Library 1.15.2 (v2.5)

  • Version 2.5
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  • Create Date April 25, 2020

mc1.15.2-2.5 [Apr-25-2020]

-DEV: Rebuilt against Forge-1.15.2-31.1.47
-DEV: Updated lang files: zh_cn (CREDIT, #89 @
-CHG: Workaround in Potions until Forge #6627 issue resolved for fortified effects
-FIX: Resource location wildcard parsing changed to NOT use '*' as resource location path
-FIX: Smaller bugs squashed as discovered by dependent mods
-ENH: Refactor UniversalBottleItem so can be used for any fixed amount < 1000mB
-ENH: Fluids.isBucketOf and fluid ingredients accept "*" or "_ALL_" as tag for any fluid
-NEW: PlaceboEffect for use in JEI recipes as placeholder for "any potion"
-NEW: Added 'looted_item' ingredient that ensures the item is tagged as being a loot drop
-NEW: Added marbleful or 1/8th a bucket fluid measurement (for arrows, soaked foods, etc.)
-NEW: Baby steps in the common network messages helper (added showParticlesAt)

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