Ceramics Mod 1.15.2 (v1.2.0)

  • Version 1.2.0
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  • Create Date May 29, 2020

Supported Minecraft 1.15 Versions

  • 1.15.2



First draft of a 1.15 update

  • Updated Porcelain
  • Colors are now more pastel to make the textures more unique from concrete
  • Porcelain is currently only available from quartz, still considering whether to add back the bone meal recipe
  • Updated Rainbow Porcelain
  • Now crafted like glazed terracotta, by cooking colored terracotta in a furnace
  • Variants with different start times are now a stone cutter recipe
  • Updated brick blocks
  • Updated the textures based on 1.14 bricks (still need to update dragon bricks, need to rethink them a bit)
  • As before, all variants have slabs, stairs, and walls
  • Recipes have been tweaked for some variants
  • Updated Armor
  • Renamed Clay Armor to Clay Plate Armor
  • Removed raw clay armor, was just left in for legacy purposes and I have a lot of other breaking changes now
  • Armor is properly repaired with clay plates now
  • Updated Clay Bucket
  • As before, hot fluids will cause the bucket to break
  • As a new feature, buckets will now visually crack when holding a hot fluid
  • Dispenser support is still work in progress

Coming in a later update: barrels, faucet, channels, and tools.


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