Doggy Talents v2.0.1.3 for 1.16.5

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  • Create Date February 14, 2021

Thank you all for your patience, finally I can start showing off the start off Doggy Talents 2.0 (alpha)!

In this patch: (

- Fix dog beds losing their link to the dog when broken and replaced

- Fix dog beds cached dog name not updating when changing the linked dog's name

- Fix shading of dogs when wet

- Fix dog inventory button icon being a wolf not a dog

- Remove unnecessary debug logging

- Add missing translations for the crimson and warped planks

- Fix incompibility with RandomPatches MC-2025

- Fix incompibility with Shrink mod

- Fix incompibility with Scaling health mod

The majority of my time was spent re-writing the entire mod to make it a lot more readable, reliable and playable. While this was my main focus there is still a lot of work to do and there have been many gameplay changes:

- Dogs are no longer immortal but they can be linked to a dog bed and respawned there if they do die

- /dog command to locate and respawn dead dogs

- New textures and tail model

- Updates to previous talents, namely pack puppy which can now be accessed through they player inventory!

- Doggy Torch talent

- There should be a lot less bugs and radar should all the time now

- Dogs will now run to water or rain to put fire out, more AI tweaks planned

- Helmets on dogs

- Lots of other things for you to explore!

- Planned: dog texture sync so other players on your server can see the exact texture your dog has on, not just the one in their texture pack.

But since this is an alpha and there are incomplete features and things might change please make a backup. If you want to make a long standing world with this alpha version, I would wait till a beta is released.

If you have an feature ideas or improvements feel free to make an issue on github, similarly if you have an bugs to report please do.

This was built with Forge 1.16.4 - 35.1.4, will work on the latest and 1.16.3 & 1.16.2 versions.