Explorercraft 1.15.2 (v4.0.1)

  • Version 4.0.1
  • File Size 1.51 MB
  • Create Date April 6, 2020

Patch notes:

Hello Explorers! Another big and crazy patch out today! I am sorry about the large server issue caused by the initial release of this version! Blasted Enderreepers kept on nuking the servers! I've had to put them in the naughty corner! So the issue should all be fixed and servers should now be able to run my mod again! This patch has also seen a significant overhaul on several underlining features, primarily the Wizard and Wizard tower, which has helped me fix several long standing issues I had and also add new functionality and features into the mod! Such as an Exploration map that can find Wizard towers! But I plan to keep on improving that infrastructure while adding new content! So please checkout the change log below for all the changes and please feel free to give me feedback on the new Wizard trading mechanics or anything else!


Rare wizard trades are ignoring the predefined stack amount and are asking random amounts of them instead, I do not want 10 nether star trades, I want a single one! grr!

Patch 4.0.1 Change log:

+ Improved slimey cave chunk generation
- Now spawns more frequently in swamps and rarely in other biomes (A new reason to actually find a swamp biome!)
- New slimy stone and dissolved stone slime blocks will spawn in said caves
+ Added mob spawning (forgot it in last patch)
+ Fixed multiplayer sleeping bag visual glitch
+ Added some new enchantments (Treasure Enchantments only and some of the functionality for them is limited/no there, so WIP)
+ New Cartographer Trade to get an exploration map that can locate a Wizards Tower (Might lag / delay game while it locates one)
+ Wizard towers now spawn in multiply mountain biomes, not just snowdonia (In order to reduce the lag/delay, locating one from the map/command)
+ Wizard towers can now be located with /locate
+ Completely reworked the Wizard trades, all trades will now reward some kind of exploration by hunting and farming some kind of rare goodies from around the worlds, with random gem prices for your troubles!

- Will now spawn a random amount of normal trades, 2 + random amount of rare trades and 1+ random amount of welsh trades

- Please let me know what you think of the balance of these trades, if they are OP / Underpowered or even some cool creative trades you might have (Please make them encourage exploration)
+ Fixed fatal server crashing bug (It was the enderreeper blowing up your servers! Literally, it really was!)
+ Wooden Trapdoors + Doors are now no longer flammable! (didn't realise that they weren't in vanilla, so I thought it was an oversight on my behalf!)
+ Fixed duplicated language bug with Polished and Tile slate slabs
+ Added a localized translation string for the description of the Wizard Hat - can now change it to your local languages!

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