Explorercraft – Beta 1.16.5 (v5.0.2)

  • Version 5.0.2
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  • Create Date March 28, 2021

Patch 5.0.2:
Modified the Bamboo grove biome types + weight
Created new trunk placed which stops bamboo logs placing dirt below them
Tweaked Cherry blossom heights
Re-added the configurations
- Slimey caves
- Swimming horse
- Allow Jade
- Spawn Bamboo Grove
- Bamboo grove rarity
- Torii Gates and Cherry blossom structure spawns

and many more!

Set loads of items/blocks as flammable.
Re-Added sleepings bags
Re-added some advancements
Re-added Noctiluca blocks/items + tweaks water breathing items, spawns in deep oceans
Re-added Forested Mountain biome (ruby is currently not added)
Re-added Marble, now spawns primarily in the Forested mountain biomes with smaller blobs formed in the Overworld