Extended Caves 1.14/1.14.4 (v1.5)

  • Version 1.5
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  • Create Date January 5, 2020

Supported Minecraft 1.14 Versions

  • 1.14.4
  • 1.14


Extended Caves v1.5
- added marlstone that can be found in dry biomes (savannahs and badlands)
- added marlstone powder that can be used to craft clay
- dirtstone and mudstone have a new texture
- added cobble dirtstone and cobble mudstone that have the old textures
- added marble that can be found in mountains
- added slabs and stairs for marble, mudstone and dirtstone and cobble counterparts
- you can now use a shovel to harvest mud
- stews can be stacked up to 64
- fixed stew giving the wrong level of nightvision
- sweet mushrooms can now be put into smoker and campfire
- fixed stone speleothems generating on other blocks than stone
- added particles for treasure pots and slime bulbs
- all the decorations and structures generate way less by default
- decorations generate differently (by small clusters rather than spread everywhere)
- added config for mushrooms groups size
- structures config of the spawn rate is upscaled (the higher the rate the higher the spawn chance)
* structure config spawn rates notes :
* more than 35 is common
* 30 to 35 is uncommon
* 20 to 30 is rare
* less than 20 is very rare
* less than 5 is almost not generating


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