Farmer’s Delight v0.4.1 for 1.16.5

  • Version 0.4.1
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  • Create Date April 11, 2021

0.4.1 - Thinking Out Loud

Certain actions will now display a status message on your HUD (similar to beds), to assist players regarding successful and failed attempts:
Trying to plant Rice outside of a shallow puddle;
Trying to cut an improper item in the Cutting Board;
Trying to use the wrong tool against a cuttable item in the Cutting Board;
Shovels can now split Clay into 4 Clay Balls on the Cutting Board (come on, Mojang, make this a thing already...);
Feasts have been slightly nerfed on Nourished length, to match other equivalent meals;
Cabbage Rolls have been nerfed just a little bit;

Recipe changes:

Raw Pasta is now made 2 at a time with 4 Wheat when using Water Buckets, to ease on water refilling;
Egg-based Raw Pasta remains the same ratio;


Corrected wrong rotation on the Cooking Pot's spoon;
Horizontal facing blocks will now rotate properly when placed from a structure or command;
Improved Rich Soil tilling to increase compatibility with modded hoes;
Updated translations:
zh_CN (thank you, WuzgXY!);
ko_KR (thank you, qkrehf2!)
de_DE (thank you, DaLumma!);
ja_JP (thank you, haru!);