Flux Networks 1.15.2 (ver.5.0.0-1)

  • Version 5.0.0-1
  • File Size 461.1 KB
  • Create Date April 14, 2020

Changelog 5.0.0

  • Warning: Chunk loading won't work for now
  • Warning: Blacklisting won't work for now
  • Warning: IC2 + Gregtech are currently not supported, until they port
  • Added: Extra recipe for Flux - crushing Redstone with Obsidian on a Flux Block
  • Added: Capability for Energy Transfers up to MAX_LONG - this requires mods adding support
  • Improvement: JEI integration, is now animated and works with texture packs
  • Improvement: Pop ups now have a cleaner look
  • Improvement: Flux Storage rendering will now have better performance
  • Improvement: Packet Optimizations
  • Minor: Fixed typos in Flux tool tip
  • Bug Fixed: Flux Plugs would sometimes ignore their Transfer Limit when transferring from the buffer

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