FPS Reducer [1.15.1]

  • Version 1.14
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  • Create Date January 2, 2020

- Initial release for mc1.15.1.
- Changed default settings: "Reudce FPS when inactive": OFF -> ON
- Changed default settings: "Suppress sound when inactive": OFF -> ON
- Changed default settings: suppressedVolume: 10 -> 20
- Changed the function of "FPS Reducer" button. All suppression functions are now off.
- Changed "Waiting Timer" can be OFF by moving the slider to the right end.
- Added CPU usage information of client thread.
- Added new settings related to CPU usage information. (cpuUsageThread, cpuUsageType)
- Added new GUI for adjusting HUD layout.
- Improved the accuracy of FPS information.
- Updated Polish translation. (Thanks to Grreg21)
- Fixed issue where idle fps mode might not be applied when gui fps mode was enabled.
- Optimized conditions for reducing and recovering FPS.