Genetic Animals 1.13.2 (v0.2.5)

  • Version 0.2.5
  • File Size 4.20 MB
  • Create Date April 28, 2019

this is the actual 0.2.4 I meant to upload, woops...


*code stuff

Capabilities no longer return null.

Genes from mates are no longer lost when the animals are out of render distance.

Added a "gene book". This enters the genes array as a string into the world chat to help with debugging.


*other feature stuff
Llamas are now still able to be sheared after taming.

Sheep are now feature complete enough to replace vanilla sheep.

Enhanced Sheep now spawn in place of vanilla sheep.

Sheep wool growth is now ticked up by 1 after eating grass.

Sheep are now dyeable with dyes. Dye can be washed off with water bucket or bonemeal. Dye colour is not inheritable this will not change.

Sheep can now can have horns with the right genetics.

Lutino rabbits now have their own textures but the textures may be unrealistic.

Broken and Charlie spotted Tricolour rabbits now have a dappled spot pattern.

Lionhead rabbits now have a phenotype.

Dwarf rabbits now have a phenotype.

Homozygous Dwarf genes in rabbits is now lethal to the rabbit. sorry if you lose your bunny 🙁

The animals are now centered over their shadow, things should look less odd now.

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