Inspirations Mod 1.14.4 (v1.0.2)

  • Version 1.0.2
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  • Create Date December 15, 2019

Supported Minecraft 1.14 Versions

First 1.14 release


Trapped books now emit comparator power instead of regular redstone power
Crafting mismatching slabs will give a new "mixed planks" shelf
Can now climb iron bars if a rope is hanging from it
Vine ropes now use bamboo instead of sticks for the rungs
Plain mulch is now a stonecutter recipe
Colors are dyed from plain mulch
Texture updates
Paths, chain, collectors, glass doors, torch levers, colored books, and redstone chargers updated based on corresponding 1.14 textures
Enchanted books and fireworks updated to the 1.14 texture (overridden for the custom tinting)
Locks, keys, and charged arrows general updates

Missing features

These features will come at a later date, but do not currently exist

1.12 code was quite a bit of a mess
I want to try a cleaner design pattern over the really messy one with 6 or 7 different functions to overrride
Needs to support JSON recipes
Switching to support JSON recipes

Pending features

These features are currently undergoing considerations to keep or remove

Bricks buttons
I like the idea of this feature, but the current implementation feels awkward
More seeds
Not sure this feature fits in Inspirations
May fit better in Animal Crops when I update that, as its a skyblock companion feature


These features were removed entirely, will not be reimplemented

Better Flower Pots
Dynamic flower pots are no longer needed now that each flower pot plant is its own block. Mods should be adding their own pots
Comparator support is no longer possible without coremodding
Was originally added for the sake of SkyFactory 4, but did not really fit in the overall mod
Considered readding as just the hoe feature, but its a lot more difficult to do with loot tables
Redstone Barrel
Originally added to make up for adding a tile entity to cauldrons, as that prevents pushing them with pistons
Now the composter serves the same role
More potions
Was originally added for a use for silverfish, want to find a different use instead
Decided its better to leave some potions unbrewable
Redstone Torch Lever
Other mods add more interesting T-Flip Flop options
Amber, yellow, and ruby mulch
Felt bloated with so many variants
Decided to stick to just plain and 4 alternative colors
Rainbow and christmas enlightened bushes
Were too similar to white enlightened bushes


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