Magic Kingdoms [1.12.2] (v1.2.10)

  • Version 1.2.10
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  • Create Date January 21, 2020


- Unicorn Lag Spikes

- Unicorns are no longer tamable

- Locate Gem Spell Lag Spikes

- Incorrect/Missing OreDictionary Entries

- Incorrect Lapis Tile Recipe

- Charming Table Hopper Error



- Configuration for Hydromancy, Geomancy, Cryomancy, Herbology, Electromancy, Zoology, Enderics, Necromancy, Heliomancy, and Lunarmancy

- Configuration of Starter Mana, Max Magician Level, Mana XP Rates, Dead Mana and Mana Exhaustion

- Russian (by ryumhi13) and Polish (by Trozuu) Translations



- Updated Textures for the Willow and Elder Tree Leaves, the Pine Sapling, the Willow Branch, and the Ender Berries

- Updated Chinese Translation (by mc_mso)