MineColonies 1.15.2 (v0.11.913-BETA-universal)

  • Version 0.11.913-BETA-universal
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  • Create Date May 3, 2020

Minecolonies Changelog

Version: 0.11.913-BETA

  • Serveral fixes (#4849)

Fix school autohiring Fix guard autohiring Fix lumberjack not breaking leaves as intended, and getting stuck when using normal pathing. Fix visitor messages for claimed spawn * Refactors all our network messages (#4850) * Updating the API to give access to more handlers directly without having to override stuff. (#4848) * free build tool in recipes (#4828)

Workers should not request build tool for craft request "that's free" * Hotfix raid interval for barbarians * Raid fixes and adjustments (#4827)

  • Raid updates, some rebalancing some fixes
  • More fixes (#4825)
  • increase uni level
  • Adjust some formatting and fix loop detection
  • fix building cycle issues
  • only switch on mark dirty (#4812)

more info

Only reset combined handler on change of building container list Fix pupil study time. * Add a progress display to the Resource Scroll (#4822)

Adds a progress display to the Resource Scroll * Fix Builder trying to break water (#4803)

Fix builder trying to break fluid blocks in the clear phase Fix builder ignoring waterlogged blocks * Added worker name to Resource-Scroll. (#4815)

Worker name is added to the Resource-Scroll * Hotfix pathing error (#4814) * hotfix branch name * Schematics115 (#4801)

Bunch of schematic fixes * so much air (#4798)

Replaces all the static checks on normal air with a check of instanceof AirBlock. Adds caveair to air list checks. * check for research effect override (#4806)

Adds an effect overrides to check when an effect is allowed to replace the other * Feature/dyer (#4807)

Adds new Dyer worker (Does all Dye related recipe). Adds a list of assignments the deliveryman currently has to the dman GUI. Fix tool detection issues Add new miner models * hotfix corresponding to newest structurize * Translate Iron Scimitar item name (#4799)

Translate the item name of the Iron Scimitar * Translate Stash block name (#4769)

  • Translate Stash name
  • Fix crafting request solving (#4794)

Fix crafting request solving. Make crafter calculate exactly how much res he needs to pick it up. Make crafter calculate the remaining steps on restart. * Fix Stock View sometimes not showing all items (#4759)

Fix item handling in StockView to prevent it from only showing the amount if items from one stack per Item type per rack. Add the Hut block inventory to the stock view. * Schematics115 (#4777)

Update all schematics but Medieval * Child sleep fix (#4781)

Fixes pupils not being able to go to sleep by moving the pupil afternoon idle logic from determinePrimaryActivity() to determineTaskActivity() * Added JourneyMap compatibility by having citizens implement INPC (#4784) * Fix dimension change (#4791)

Fix dimension change subscribers add/removal, our usual onChunkEnter fails since it is coord based on the entities current world obj so it can't compare the right chunk objects from two different worlds. * change to right side * Hotfix sided issue


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