Mutant Beasts 1.14.4 (v1.0.1)

  • Version 1.0.1
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  • Create Date May 6, 2020

Supported Minecraft 1.14 Versions

  • 1.14.4


- Updated Korean localization (Credits to mindy15963)
- Chemical X is no longer a one-hit kill for mobs that fail to mutate (Still enough to kill a mob with 10 hearts or less)
- Increased the base spawn weight for each mutant that can spawn, since some people are still not seeing spawns. Let me know if it's too much or too little spawning.
- Removed the "globalSpawnRate" config option
- Endersoul Hands can pick up more types of blocks
- Added a config option to blacklist dimensions from spawning mutants
- Added block tags 'endersoul_hand_holdable' and 'mutant_enderman_holdable' which replace the 'throwable_blocks' tag, that determine which blocks can be picked up by each
- Creeper Minion Eggs can be charged
- Fixed the Chemical X advancement not working properly, removed the 'Overpowered' advancement for now since its not working as intended

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