Pandoras Creatures Mod 1.14.4

  • Version 0.12.0
  • File Size 916.51 KB
  • Create Date November 26, 2019

[+] Added Bufflon Entity.
- They have 7 Variants and spawn in tundra, frozen river and snowy mountains.
[+] Added Wither Hellhound Variant.
- Now hellhounds have a small chance to be wither hellhounds, making them more dangerous as they deal more damage and apply withering effect.
[+] Added French Translation.
[+] Added Spanish Translation.
[+] Made Arachnon Crystals a place able block that can be rotated.
[+] Added new improved Arachnon Hammer texture for the animated parts.
[+] Fixed some issues the Arachnon Hammer had.
[+] Added a Common config in which mob spawning can be disabled.
[+] Added 3 new plants that spawn in mountains, swamps and plains.
[+] Added the Bufflon Attachments to vanilla loot tables.
[+] Added the 4 Bufflon attachments as trades to the leather works man Villager.

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