Plants vs Zombies v0.8.1 for 1.15.2

  • Version 0.8.1
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  • Create Date February 20, 2021

Small update that fixes a few things, touches up others, and adds gloom shroom (it was meant to be in the original part 3)

  • Added Gloom Shroom
  • Added 3 new Advancements to Gloom shroom, Icicle Shroom, and Goop Shroom
  • Added Coffee Beaned Gloom Shroom
  • Added Sleeping Gloom Shroom
  • Updated Grave crafting recipe
  • Changed Gravebuster to now award 2 coins when breaking a grave
  • Fixed text issue on some of the puff shroom upgrade info pages
  • Fixed bug where 2 peashooters would spawn when using the first wave of Red Eyed Garg
  • Nerfed Icicle Shroom to have its effect last a shorter period of time