Pokecube AIO 1.15.2 (v2.7.2)

  • Version 2.7.2
  • File Size 0.00 KB
  • Create Date May 26, 2020

Supported Minecraft 1.15 Versions

  • 1.15.2



  • #400 the list should cleanup when changing dimension
  • #404 these blocks should drop inventory properly
  • #406 some things should render correct sizes when not "real"
  • Wearables item dying recipes should now work
  • some crashes during worldgen
  • exp share shouldn't work while sitting anymore
  • closing the game with PC/Bag inventories open, after re-arranging them, will no longer randomly delete items


  • teleporting should make you invulnerable for 1 second, preventing some cases of dying in walls
  • warppads adjusted to ensure they teleport you to center of the selected blocks
  • optimization pass on mob AI, it should use less RAM and less CPU now.
  • adjustments to mob movement code, they should have a bit more reliable movement speeds now

New Features:

  • Energy siphon can be used wirelessly, use the location linker to link it to locations

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