Realistic Horse Genetics 1.15.2 (v1.2.1)

  • Version 1.2.1
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  • Create Date April 26, 2020

-Added pearl. Pearl is rare.

-Trained horses to ground tie, so that while they are saddled they will not wander away (useful if you go exploring on a horse and don't want to have tie it up or build a pen every time you get off). This can be disabled from the config.

-Added health effects for silver dapple due to the developmental eye problems it sometimes causes, splashed white due to deafness, and gray due to the risk of melanomas. These will have a chance to decrease health very slightly. It can be disabled in the config.

-You can put carpets in the horse armor slot for decoration.

-Added gradual graying. Gray foals are born some non-gray color and gradually turn gray and then white as they get older. This can take 3-15 or so Minecraft days. It is possible for the mane and tail to gray at a different rate than the body, like how in percherons the mane and tail often turn white while the body is relatively dark. Many horses will turn darker as well as getting white hairs, as often happens during graying. Horses stop changing color at the equivalent of ~15 years old, because old age does not belong in Minecraft, so some horses may never turn fully white.

-Made minor changes to all textures. Hooves are now a more accurate color. Double dilute creams that are also dun will have a faint dorsal stripe. Horse armor now uses the 1.14 palette. Adjusted all colors to fit internal changes to how textures are used.

-Fixed a bug where horses summoned by command with specified genes would show the wrong color until the client was restarted. Important for, uh, all those people summoning horses by command with a specific color. (Please don't get excited and ask me how. It's complicated.) Nonetheless all bugs must be crushed.

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