Rediscovered Mod 1.15.2 (v0.0.1)

  • Version 0.0.1
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  • Create Date May 17, 2020

Supported Minecraft 1.15 Versions

  • 1.15.2


- Temporarily disabled the MD3 mobs, Steve, Rana, Black Steve and Beast Boy due to rendering issues. Hopefully in the coming updates they can be re-added.

- Zombie Pigmen can be cured with the use of weakness potions, and golden carrots. This is similar to Zombie Villagers.

- Added Rotational Converter, used to convert redstone signals into gear rotations, and vise versa.

- Completed gears, used with the previously mentioned Rotational Converter.

- Added Plate armor, this randomly spawns on all instances of Zombie and Skeleton. the chance a mob spawns with this may be adjusted in the config.

- Made quiver chestplates much easier to create, all you have to do in a mod is register one, and add it to a tag! We also have a recipe system in place so you can easily create crafting recipes.

- Studded armor is now dyeable!

- Pigmen, Melee Pigmen, and Ranged Pigmen are now afraid of Zombie Pigmen, The Melee and Ranged ones do not attack them.
- Chair sitting is now done via block tags, allowing other mods to create their own chairs.

- Ruby blocks can be used to support beacons.

- Made spikes easier to place, they now place on the block face you click on, instead of the direction you stand in.

- Fixed issues with quivers consuming arrows incorrectly

- Fixed issue where quivers crashed on server

- Fixed incorrect chainmail quiver texture

- Fixed cherry door not being tagged as a wooden door.

- Pigmen now properly go to meeting points

- Fixed incompatibility with No Nitwits, where the nitwit would spawn in the pigman village still. In the case you install them alongside one another, the Illusioner always shows up.


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