Scape and Run: Parasites 1.12.2 (v1.7.0)

  • Version 1.7.0
  • File Size 4.68 MB
  • Create Date April 5, 2020

Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2




-Fixed mobs spawning when they are disable
-Potential fix for error in Loot Event


-Tweaked attack AI for air type mobs.

-Reduced Primitive Yelloweye hitbox size.
-There is now a mob list for Beckons and Summoners (mobs from other mods will work, if mob attacking is true the Beckons and Summoners will target them).
-Some Infected versions now has an option for spawning mobs on death.
-There is an option to change the spawning chance for the Walking Heads.
-The reinforcement system will no longer spawn Beckons on infested blocks.
-Tweaked block infestation timer, now to infest nearby blocks it has to wait said cooldown in config file.
-Changed model for Buglin.

-Buglin can now grow into a Rupter.
-Changed Model for Adapted Longarms.

-Tweaked experience points for each mob.
-Tweaked/changed textures for primitive and adapted versions.
-Tweaked Infected Wolf Head animation.
-Tweaked Adapted Reeker animation
-Tweaked Beckons models.
-Tweaked particles for the death animations.

-Infected versions and the Bolsters will be the only ones to have the swell animations, the others will just explode (will be tweaking this later on).
-Tweaked texture for the Living Greatbow and for all weapon parts.
-Changed color for the fog in the block infestation.
-Added an option for light level and block revert for the Infestation System.
-Beckons can now infest blocks below their root, Stage II will go down by 1 and Stage III will go down by 2.
-Mobs that are disable will no longer be registered into the game.
-Added sounds for the Walking Heads and for the mob that can shoot
-Infected Dorpa Web blocks will now despawn.
-Removed option "Lodo spawn number" for the Flying Carrier category.

New Content

-When a Beckon is killed, the infested block will turn into dirt (default) and if the block above is air, it will turn into Infested Residue (new block, these can spawn Beckons).

-Added a new mob type: Ancient
Parasites who have lived long enough to become stronger and more dangerous, you can find 2 of them now (Ancient Overlord, Ancient Dreadnaut).
Killing Beckons Stage III makes them angry and in the worst case scenario, they will come after you (they don't despawn).
-Added mob: Moving Flesh
-Added fusion system
The infected now have the ability to learn from their battles and if the conditions are met, they will start to melt until they're some Moving Flesh.
If 2 of these things meet, they will fuse together and grow, if they are big enough they will spawn a primitive mob (with half his total health) (Infected Dorpa is the only one that will not melt).
-Added mob: Vigilante

First ground mob able to shoot, they will spawn from Beckons Stage III

They are built for territory defense purposes so they don't have a spawn rate.


Conditions for the infected to turn into Moving Flesh:

-The first condition: the infected needs to reach the primitive killcount..
-The second condition: it needs to be next to 3 more infected, regardless of their killcount/specie OR it needs to be next to a Moving Flesh.
If the infected with the killcount is next to al least 3 more infected, the four of them will start to melt BUT if it is next to a Moving flesh, only it will start to melt.


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