Schools of Magic Mod v1.2.13 for 1.12.2

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  • Create Date April 12, 2021

It's been a whole year. A lot has changed, including the name. I'm going to try hitting the highlights.

- Enderics, Mycelimancy, Lunarmancy, Herbology, Zoology, Chronomancy, and Diabolism have been replaced by Hieromancy, Astromancy, Animancy, Chaotics, Spectromancy, and Umbramancy.

- New Spells including Spectral Hand, Tremor, Meteor Strike, Shadow Spy and more

- The Catalyst Basin, The Crystal Ball, The Spell Forge, The Brazier, new Metals, Gems, and Plants like the Brambleberry, which is edible.

- Improvements to the Podium, Spellbooks, Teapot, and Wands

- New Structures

- Compatibility with Dynamics Trees, and some tweaks to the Schools of Magic trees

- New building materials

- A new Dimension that is not fully implemented

- A new Boss that is not fully implemented, the Sphinx