Security Craft 1.12.2 (v1.8.17)

  • Version 1.8.17
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  • Create Date February 29, 2020

- New: The Universal Block Reinforcer can now "unreinforce" blocks. Place items in the top slot to reinforce them, use the bottom slot instead for "unreinforcing" them
- New: The Retinal Scanner now renders its owner's face (Thanks LorenaGdL!)
- New: The Username Logger now displays the UUID of logged players and the time they were logged at to its owner. Click an entry to copy the UUID
- New: Fire on Reinforced Netherrack now doesn't get removed
- New: The Mine-/Sentry Remote Access Tool GUI now shows explanatory tooltips when hovering over buttons
- New: The Mine-/Sentry Remote Access Tool now show whether a mine/sentry the player is looking at is bound to them on the hotbar (just like the Camera Monitor)
- New: Spanish translation (Thanks Ryo567!)
- New: Configuration option to account for invisibility (Sentries, Inventory Scanners, Lasers, etc. won't detect entities if they're invisible, config option is off by default)
- Change: The Username Logger now displays logged users in a scrollable list
- Change: The floor of Block Pockets is now solid (reactivate Block Pockets to fix this for already existing ones)
- Change: Textboxes when setting up/inserting/changing passwords are now automatically focused
- Change: Laser Blocks now create connections more easily
- Change: The SC Manual now displays pages alphabetically

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