Sword Blocking Combat 1.15.2 (v1.4)

  • Version 1.4
  • File Size 101.37 KB
  • Create Date April 12, 2020

Lowered parry window to 10 ticks by default
New sounds when successfully parrying with a sword
Require both hands for blocking, meaning the other hand needs to be empty (disabled by default)
Blacklist for off-hand items, intended for modded items with a use action this mod doesn't recognise and therefor overwrites
Critical strikes can be dealt even when sprinting
Option to disable attack sounds from Combat Update
Sharpness now adds 1.25 attack damage per level instead of 1.0
Removed option to hide sweeping particles
Tridents can be repaired with prismarine shards in an anvil
Loyal tridents thrown into the void will return to their owner
Tridents remember the slot they were thrown from
Fix for MC-147694 – Mobs don't do knockback when blocking with shield

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