Vimion Mod 1.14.4

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  • Create Date October 27, 2019

This update is a bit late because of some difficulties with Rendering. It's here now, and there's a new bossfight that I hope was worth the wait!

-- Vimionic Abomination (Boss Fight!)
-- Absorption Spire (New Entity used in the Vimionic Abomination battle)
-- Vimioplasm (Dropped from Vimionic Abomination, functionality coming soon)
-- Expionite Shovel
-- Memory Crystal (Creative Only, used to reset a player's Vimionic Tome progress by sneak-right-clicking it)

Vimionic Tome
-- Added the following Quests: "The Bridge...", "Spirits!", "Dimensional Digging", "Solar Ore Pinging", and "Tree Remover"

-- Added a nice sound effect when converting soil with a Shard of Vim.

-- Changed the Solarionite Pickaxe's harvest level from 3 (Diamond level) to 2 (Iron level). This basically means you can't use it for Obsidian anymore.

-- Added a line of lore to the Vimionic Tome to explain its purpose.

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