When Dungeons Arise v1.2.61a for Minecraft 1.16.5

  • Version 1.2.61a
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  • Create Date February 7, 2021

Changelog (1.16.4-v1.2.61a)

- Ported all features present in 1.15.2 versions to 1.16.4.

- Significantly reduced structure spawn rates.

- Added a new type of illager robust house. This is a small structure which may appear randomly on plains and forests.

- Added a new command which will help you tweak spawn rates (/wdaconfig spawnrate help). More information about this can be found on the mod's page.

- Nerfed loot on Tree houses. (less enchanted books)

- Buffed loot on Desert Gardens. (less flowers/junk and more enchanted tools or books)

- Fixed a bug which made illagers spawn without weapons.

- Fixed an error which produced chests without loot on some random houses.