World Blender 1.15.2 (v1.3.4)

  • Version 1.3.4
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  • Create Date May 9, 2020

Supported Minecraft 1.15 Versions

  • 1.15.2


(V.1.3.4 Changes) (1.15.2 Minecraft)


-Fixed crash on server when trying to make the portal but there are either non-block items or duplicate items in the chests.


-The carversCanCarveMoreBlocks config entry now actually works and now can turn off adding extra blocks to the carver's list of blocks that they can carve away.


-Added a new cold hilly land biome so features/mobs that needs cold temperature to spawn can spawn on this freezing land biome.


-Portal Altar should now bypass trees and generate more often on the actual terrain surface.

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