Fancy 3.2 [Resource Pack]

With a 512x resolution, Fancy 3.2 is an instant hit in terms of realism. With so many pixels, the pack can distill almost invisible details that require close observation to be detected. In the end, this high resolution is used sparingly and does not distort the basic gameplay.

Fancy 3.2 is part of the very limited club of resource packs with 512x resolution. A very high definition, sometimes considered excessive, but which allows you to sculpt very subtle details. Unlike faithful packs that use this setting to detail and chisel the game’s textures, Fancy 3.2 makes do with small point hits, very subtle details. So much so that you sometimes have to get very close to certain blocks to see the extent of the changes made. In any case, texture changes don’t result in many structural changes.

In fact, given the few large-scale changes brought by Fancy 3.2, we end up with this situation, which some might find paradoxical, where a 512x Resource Pack finally remains quite faithful to the textures of the basic game. Indeed, since its changes are very localized, they don’t alter the frame they are based on. In the end, Fancy 3.2’s main mission is to give Minecraft a touch of realism. A work so subtle that you have to immerse yourself in it to better appreciate it.

How to install Fancy 3.2 [Resource Pack]

  • Install Optifine HD (Not required, but desirable)
  • Copy the resourcepack to the .minecraft\resourcepacks folder.
  • In the settings of the game, select the desired resourcepack.
  • Done
  • Author: oakar258
  • Minecraft Version: 1.12 to 1.15
  • Resolution: 512x

Download Fancy 3.2 [Resource Pack]

Minecraft VersionVersionDateDownload
Fancy 3.2 [Resource Pack] for [1.12 – 1.15]Fancy 3.0December 10, 2019Download page
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