Farcr's Texture Overrides

Farcr’s Texture Overrides

Farcr’s Texture Overrides doesn’t particularly propose to shake up Minecraft’s textures. You won’t live a stunning visual experience, but you will enjoy familiar textures, improved from top to bottom by an author who took the time to go into detail. The objective, as for many other Resource Packs, is to offer textures close to those of the base game, in an improved version.

Its 16x resolution announces the color: Farcr’s Texture Overrides is close to the original Minecraft textures. Not as a faithful, which would seek to detail them, but as a pack that assumes the fundamentally pixelated dimension of Minecraft and undertakes to enrich it rather than trying to turn away from it. As such, players for whom Minecraft’s basic textures are a Proust’s dream will be reassured to know that the pack takes care of their passion.

Farcr’s Texture Overrides features a series of small modifications, with none of them really standing out from the rest. It’s a question of making spot corrections to textures that sometimes suffer from imperfections, but without attacking the whole. Generally speaking, the pack makes an effort in terms of the player’s equipment: the armor has specific and detailed shapes for each set, while the metal parts of weapons and tools have been sharpened and refined. In the same vein, the utility and construction blocks are more accomplished, with more nuanced textures that make it easier to see their interest.

  • Author : Farcr
  • Minecraft version : 1.16
  • Resolution: 16x

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