Friends & Foes

Friends & Foes

Friends&Foes is a mod that focuses on adding all the creatures eliminated during the Minecraft Live voting. Thus, one of the main goals of the author is to expand the original concepts and add new vanilla features related to all creatures and objects.

⚠ Note that the mod is currently still in development and more things will arrive in future updates.

A copper golem is a small, neutral creature with amusing behavior. It has no specific purpose other than to randomly press copper buttons that it sees. Copper golems are created by first placing any variation of waxed or unwaxed copper block as the base block. Next, place a carved pumpkin or jack o’lantern as the center block, then place a lightning rod on the pumpkin block.

If you kill a copper golem, you can collect 1-3 Copper Ingots. Copper golems roam the world and you may see them turn their heads just for fun. If a Copper Golem is near one or more Copper Buttons, the Copper Golem will randomly choose one, move to the button and try to press it.

Unwaxed copper golems have four stages of oxidation. Lightning bolts and axes can remove oxidation from copper golems. As the golem begins to oxidize, it becomes slower and slower. In the last stage (oxidized state), the golem turns into a statue.

Author : faboslav
Minecraft version : 1.18.1
Mod version : 1.1.2
Minecraft API : Fabric
Last update : 09/01/2021

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