Fruit Trees Mod

Fruit Trees 1.15.1 and 1.15.2 is a mod that takes care of adding new trees to the game, although they will not only be used for decoration, in fact their function is to provide us with food, as they are fruit trees.

These fruit trees will be generated naturally in the world, although they can also be cultivated by the players. At the moment, the mod adds a total of six fruit trees, including orange, lemon, apple, lime, tangerine, and grapefruit trees.

Fruit Trees
Fruit Trees

How to install Fruit Trees Mod

  • Download Minecraft Forge 1.15.1 or 1.15.2
  • Download MixinBootstrap
  • Download Fruit Trees Mod 1.15.1 or Fruit Trees Mod 1.15.2
  • Double click on the file downloaded from Forge to run the installer.
  • Paste the downloaded “MixinBootstrap” file into the .minecraft/mods folder
  • Paste the downloaded mod file into the .minecraft/mods folder
  • You can grow fruit trees and eat fruit now!

Download Fruit Trees Mod

Minecraft VersionVersionDateDownload
Fruit Trees Mod for 10, 2020Download page
Fruit Trees Mod for 21, 2020Download page
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