Improved Stations (Forge)

Improved Stations

Crafting stations is an important and useful item for your adventures, so we suggest you do not waste much time and just use the Improved Stations 1.16.5 add-on for Minecraft. This improvement promises to be not only interesting and exciting, but also nicely implemented

After all, now the crafting workbench will look different and even get a special type of visualization of resources and items that you craft. Don’t rush your decisions, because thanks to this improvement you will get the most enjoyment from the gameplay. Take advantage of your new improvements and enjoy the updated environment.

Adds different kinds of stations into Minecraft:

  • Crafting Station
  • Crafting Station Slab
  • Furnace Slab
  • Smoker Slab
  • Blast Furnace Slab
  • Jukebox Slab
  • Loom Slab
  • Cartography Table Slab
  • Crafting Table Slab

How to install the modification:

  • First step: download and install Fabric and the Fabric API.
  • Second step: download the mod file.
  • Third step: copy the Improved Stations mod package to .minecraft/mods (if this folder doesn’t exist, install Forge again or create it yourself).

Download Improved Stations

Minecraft VersionVersionDateDownload
Improved Stations for 16, 2020Download page
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