Inventory FriendZ [1.15.2]

Added in Minecraft 1.0 in November 2011, the potions offer the player interesting abilities such as improved speed, strength, and jumping. However, the effects are time-limited and the potions can only be used once.

Goblox_Z uses the same principle as potions, and in its Inventory FriendZ mod, Goblox_Z offers mini-golems with various effects.

Inventory FriendZ is, therefore, a mod adding 6 mini-golems, each with a different effect. To apply this effect, just keep the object in its active bar, and it will last until you remove it. If you have several mini-golems, their effects will simply be combined.

Mini-Golems are made from iron ingots, blue emeralds or blue magma creams, and an object more or less representative of the effect. The golems of resistance and fire resistance require a pumpkin, the one of speed (or haste) a diamond pickaxe, the one of speed a compass, the one of aquatic respiration a bucket of water, and finally the one of strength an anvil.

Blue emeralds and blue creams of magma are obtained by combining an emerald or a cream of magma with 4 diamonds, making mini-golems quite expensive to make.



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