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As you all know, Minecraft is a game that lets you start your own adventure from scratch. It’s like you’re really left to your own devices in an unknown nature and you have to survive it. And the Island Generator mod will allow you to immerse yourself even more in this adventurous life and become a true Robinson Crusoe!

This mod will allow you to completely change your gameplay. Indeed, as said just before, thanks to it, you will appear on an island lost in the middle of the ocean to start your adventure.

To do so, you’ll just have to create a world (once your mod is downloaded, of course) and modify the type of world to put it on “Islands”. Then, if you want to have a certain type of island, you’ll just have to write the name of the biome in the world’s generation seed. But beware! You have to write the name of the biome the same way you can see it written after clicking F3 and must absolutely be in lower case.

Some small information about this mod:

  • There are no world borders. So everything is generated infinitely.
    It is possible to land in the water when you spawned. If this is the case, leave and try a new seed, create a new world. This problem should not last more than 5 times.
    It is possible that you may appear in a different biome than you would like. If that happens, leave and try again.
    Using /locate (surface structure) is not recommended. It will create a problem and force your game to crash.

If you are aware of all this, you are ready to start your adventure with the Island Generator mod! Have a good game!

Download Island Generator Mod

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