LotMoreSteves Mod

This mod adds a variety of Steves to the game, something strange yet entertaining. Meet the cousins of the original, Giant Steve, who is a combination of Steves; WitherSteve, who is as terrible as he sounds and possesses the same dexterity as the Wither. It also adds Frozen Steve, Running Steve and more. Below you will find a review of the mod, a tutorial on how to install it and the download link.

How to install the LotMoreSteves Mod :

1.- Download and install Minecraft Forge in the same version of the mod.

2.- Download the mod (link below)

3.- Go to the start button, type in the runtime %appdata% and go to .minecraft

4.- Paste the mod in the mods folder of .minecraft

5.- Play and enjoy the mod.

Download LotMoreSteves Mod

Minecraft VersionVersionDateDownload
LotMoreSteves Mod for 5, 2021Download page
5/5 - (1 vote)