Mechanization Texture Pack

Mechanization is a texture pack adding the classic machines, concepts, and tools of the leading technological mods.

Technology mods are among the most popular and popular in the Minecraft landscape. Very rich in content, they make it possible to recreate a complete dynamic of resource production, while adding the concept of energy, and the very interesting mechanics that result from it.

Mechanization is a highly accomplished datapack, in development for no less than three years, which will allow you to enjoy the essence of such mods in the most recent versions of Minecraft. While it’s less intuitive to use than a mod, it’s still a marvel of game revitalization and completeness. The data pack being very well documented, we won’t detail all the possibilities here but consider that you will find more or less the content that the reference technological mods offer.

We propose here a non-exhaustive list (or not) of Mechanization machines and what they allow, the recipes being indicated in the documentation at stake. Each row represents a level of complexity in terms of the materials required.

Rank 1

  • Alloy Furnace: allows the creation of essential alloys in the recipes of more advanced machines.
  • Electric Furnace: similar to a vanilla oven, but using energy. Possibility to add upgrades.
  • Grinder: transforms blocks and objects into their “powder” or “fragment” form (gravel into flint, bone into bone powder, minerals into powder, …).
  • Tree Feller : cuts a tree when glued to the trunk.
  • Block breaker: breaks a block, once upgraded can break “solid” blocks (obsidian or ores).
  • Growth Accelerator : accelerates the growth of plantations located above the block.

Rank 2

  • Quarry: automatically mines an area (up to 32*32 blocks) delimited by barriers and the Wrench.
  • Auto Farm: harvests and replants plantations in a 7*7 area.
  • Auto Fisher: fishes and treasures. The block must be submerged and in an area of 5*5*5 of water.
  • Item Reformer : repairs tools, weapons and armor using energy (NLDR : the book used in the recipe is a Mending book).
  • Mob Grinder : kills monsters (except bosses) within a radius of 5 blocks.
  • Lava Fabricator : transforms stone into lava in 45 seconds.
  • Super Piston : acts as a piston, but can move blocks entities as well, such as chests, panels, and more.

Rank 3

  • Dimensional Generator: Generates power from rare blocks of certain dimensions. Accepts Overworld resources by default, but can be specialized in rare blocks from the Nether or End with upgrades.
  • Disenchant: removes enchantments from an item and applies them to a book in return, using energy. Requires a book and lapis.
  • Teleporter: Teleports to another valid Teleporter. By default, teleports only in the Overworld, but accepts upgrades to allow teleports in other dimensions.
  • Spawner Controller: Reduces the minimum area and cooldown of vanilla spawners to increase production.
  • Spawner Mover: A one-time use only, allows you to retrieve a vanilla spawner and relocate it to another location in your world.
  • Unlimited Storage Unit: A box that can store … 2,147,483,648 items of the same type. Good luck filling it up.
  • Auto Jukebox: jukebox playing randomly a disc in its inventory.
  • Autocrafting modules: (more info here)
    • Compressor: processes recipes such as iron ingots -> iron block and the like
    • Decompressor: handles reverse recipes
    • tone Cutter: “cuts” the blocks, processes recipes such as sand -> sandstone
    • Dye Machine: colours the blocks in groups of 8
  • Improvements to hopper :
    • Fast Hopper: transfers objects faster than normal
    • Ender Hopper: Draws all objects within a radius of 12 blocks around him.
  • Processing objects :
    • Item Transmitter and Receiver : the Transmitter “sends” the objects to a Receiver if these two modules share the same ID.
    • Item Filter: filter to be applied on your systems to sort the objects to be processed

  • Auteurs : ImCoolYeah105
  • Minecraft version: 1.15 and higher

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