Medieval Kingdom

Medieval Kingdom

Medieval Kingdom is a map for Minecraft made by Snowcoal and on which he has been working for 10 months. As you can see in game, this map is very complete and it took him no less than 400 hours to bring you this result. Medieval Kingdom is as its name suggests, a medieval style kingdom that is about 1500×1500 blocks in size including the surrounding mountain range.

Basically, the map was designed to be explored only. However, it must be admitted that without any objective, you will spend little time there. Therefore, the creator has integrated a small adventure where the objective will be to collect 7 Nether Stars that have been hidden inside the kingdom. To help you, you will have clues that will be given as you explore. The interest is threefold. On the one hand, it is indeed to make your visit more interesting and to offer a little adventure. On the other hand, this quest gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the medieval universe created by the author. Finally, this thread allows you to visit the map while being sure not to miss anything, with a coherence guaranteed by the author.

However, if you just want to visit it without spending hours on it, you also have the option of visiting the map in spectator/creative mode which will allow you to explore the map as you see fit.


  • Map of about 1500 blocks by 1500 blocks
  • A huge castle with over 200 rooms to explore.
  • 4 villages, one of them next to a large mine
  • Farmlands, windmills and farmer’s houses.
  • Over 100 houses in total
  • Each building has a complete interior, no exceptions.
  • Fully customized trees and terrain that were created with World Painter and World Edit.
  • A network of sewers and catacombs under the main village and castle.
  • Tons of secret areas, easter eggs, redstone systems, prisons to escape from, etc.
  • And many other things you can discover for yourself.
  • Author : snowcoal
  • Minecraft version : 1.16
  • Map type : Tour/Adventure

Download Medieval Kingdom

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Medieval Kingdom for 1.16.5May 4, 2021Download page
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