Minecraft 1.16 : Snapshot 20w10a

Today we have a very loud snapshot! It is filled with a lot of new sounds that create a unique atmosphere of non-zero biomes. In addition, now you will need a blacksmith’s table to create a nezerite. Good luck with the mine!

What’s new in Minecraft Java Edition 1.16, snapshot 20w10a.

Added crimson and distorted hyphae – “all-round” trunk blocks, including filtered versions.

  • Use the forging table to fuse a non-serite ingot with diamond objects such as weapons/tools/brones.
  • New ambient sounds for Neather biomes.
  • Fish will now despair if they sail more than 64 blocks away from their nearest player.
  • Hoes are now more similar to other instruments in terms of block destruction.
  • Updated texture of non-serite objects.

Change of hoes.

We did a little work on the hoe to make it useful in Neather.

  • Each level changes the speed at which the hoe extracts the blocks it’s designed for.
  • You can now cast a spell on the hoes: efficiency, luck, silk touch.
  • These spells are superimposed with the help of a sorcerer’s table.

Technical changes.

  • Frames for objects can now be transparent and unbreakable. For this purpose, the tag properties Invisible and Fixed are added to the frame, respectively.
  • UUIDs of equipment owners (booms, snowballs, etc.) will be stored as an array of four integers. In future all UUIDs will be stored in this format.
  • Added trigger achievement for target_hit. Supports parameters: signal strength (signal_strenght), type of projectile (projecticle_matches) hitting the target, shooter.

Bug fixes

Fixed 27 errors, including the following:

  • Dolphins near boats sailed too fast.
  • The excavated remains in the valley of sand souls could have been generated in the air.
  • Wither skeletons did not attack (automatically) the pigeons.

Snapshot Installation

To install the snapshot, open the Minecraft Launcher and enable previews in the Launch Options tab.

Snapshots can damage game worlds. Please make backups and run them from another folder.

Download Minecraft server:

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