Minecraft 1.16 Snapshot 20w22a

This Friday, the snapshot 20w22a of Minecraft 1.16 is now available in your launcher. This snapshot includes some experimental rendering changes, which could cause problems on older graphics cards. As suggested by Mojang, if you have any graphics issues, please report them on the Bug Tracker along with the model/brand of the graphics card used and the operating system used.

Additions and modifications :

  • Changes in workstation management for Villagers.
    • Villagers will no longer try to work at the same workstation.
    • The closest and most experienced Villager for the occupation corresponding to the added workstation will own that workstation.
    • Villagers must now travel to the workstation before they can acquire the occupation.
    • Villagers demand more workstations or occupations at night or during a raid.
    • Villagers will check and ensure that their workstation is valid at any time of the day as long as they are within 16 blocks of it.
  • The bells can be hung on the underside of more blocks.
  • When a Villager who has been traded with is struck by lightning, the witch he has converted to will not disappear anymore.
  • Players can no longer mount another entity when the squat key is held down.
  • Piglins now sometimes dance to celebrate a successfully completed hunt.
  • Carmine and Biscornu Nylium now require the “Silk Touch” enchantment to be obtained. Without this enchantment, they will release from the Netherrack.

Technical changes:

  • Slight change in datapack loading to prevent custom datapacks from crashing
    • If reloading a datapack fails, the changes will not be applied and the game will continue to use the previous data.
    • If the existing datapacks prevent the world from loading, the game will give the possibility to load the world in secure mode, which only loads the vanilla datapack.
    • Changes to the datapack list are stored only after a successful reload.
    • Added “-safeMode” option for servers, to load only the vanilla datapack
    • The game will now detect critical datapack issues, such as missing required tags that prevent the world from loading.
  • Added support for shaders in image depth
  • The rendering system now uses per-pixel transition layers for some transparent elements
  • Caching of redundant block type and collision checks during pathfinding to improve performance
  • Minor collision detection optimizations
  • Highest element in a predicate file can now be an array

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